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Comment Re:Nothing wrong with PHP. Don't be a language big (Score 1) 409

I completely agree and don't understand the hate that php gets. PHP is a language for web dethronement. You should be fine going from Java to PHP due to PHP being mostly based on Java. I would have modded the parent up, but didn't see the point since it was posted as AC, so decided to post in support instead.

Comment Re:Good riddance (Score 1) 53

Until late last year, I never had much trouble with PTT over iDEN depending on what building I was in, always worked fine outside. No carrier guarantees coverage inside a building plus these are old buildings that are built like bunkers and no network works. We have iDEN repeaters to solve this issue that we'll be switching to CDMA. Also, not all phones are equal. One thing I will miss about having an iDEN phone, had a tornado warning about a year ago (no touchdown/damage) shortly after Joplin, MO was hit not far from me, the non-iDEN phones couldn't get through.

Comment Re:Middle of this year? (Score 4, Informative) 53

I have already seen a few iDEN towers go offline. They are sending a letter to iDEN customers June 1, 2012 telling them to move to CDMA phones (I have one and it works great, much better PTT). The iDEN network will cease to exist as early as June 30, 2013. As June 30, 2013 approaches, customers will get even more notifications.

Comment They tried this in Missouri (Score 2) 238

and everyone from the teacher unions to the ACLU started to file law suits until it was repealed. I work for a Missouri school district IT department and this is a big issue right now. The two biggest issues is what counts a social networking site, a lot of the web classroom programs share social networking aspects. The other issue is it is impossible to enforce unless someone rats them out or its discovered after the teacher did something else.

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