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Comment People still use printers? (Score 1) 203

A few questions I have. Do you really print that often? At home, I rarely have a need to print. I probably wouldn't print much at work if I had a tablet. Do you have a desktop? If so, I would just install dropbox or look at a printer that supports it. To those saying he should just get another laptop, mine rarely leaves my docking station at work. A tablet wont replace your computer, but it could replace a laptop if you have a desktop as well.

Submission + - European Judge Issues Rules That 3G Apple Products (

Stephenmg writes: A judge in Germany has ruled that 3G-enabled Apple products (including the iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPad 3G, and iPad 2 3G, but not specifically the iPhone 4S) infringe on a Motorola patent. Consequently, the judge has issued a preliminary injunction against Apple, resulting in a Europen sales ban on the aforementioned iPhones and iPads.

Submission + - Chrome HTML5 Speech Input demo for YouTube ( 1

robotsrule writes: "The following web page demonstrates the power of the HTML5 speech input support implemented by Chrome 11 (beta), an open source browser. With a single HTML element, some client side Javascript, and Google's powerful speech servers doing the heavy lifting, the web page allows you to search YouTube for videos using your voice and also to control the player too. If Google continues to offer their cloud based speech recognition support for free as they are now, it will allow every web site owner with a little Javascript skill to voice enable their web sites. All that Chrome has to do now is offer a continuous listening mode in addition to the current push-to-talk mode and Google will have succeeded in providing a complete platform for voice enabling the web. Note, a microphone is required. Skype or Bluetooth audio headsets should work too if properly configured."

Submission + - Tesla Sues BBC's Top Gear For Libel ( 3

thecarchik writes: About two years ago BBC's Top Gear aired a test drive of the then relatively new Tesla Roadster. In the particular episode, Tesla Roadsters are depicted as suffering several critical “breakdowns” during track driving. Host Jeremy Clarkson concludes the episode by saying that in the real world the Roadster "doesn’t seem to work"

Tesla claims that the breakdowns were staged, making most of Top Gear'(TM)s remarks about the Roadster untrue. Tesla also states that it can prove Top Gear’s tests were falsified due to the recordings of its cars’ onboard data-loggers.

What's Tesla asking for in the lawsuit? Tesla simply wants Top Gear to stop rebroadcasting the particular episode and to correct the record.


Submission + - U.S. To Send Radiation-Hardened Robots To Japan (

CWmike writes: "The United States is sending specialized robots to Japan to help officials there get control of the Fukushima nuclear power plants damaged in this month's devastating earthquake and tsunami. Dr. Peter Lyons, an acting assistant secretary for nuclear energy with the DoE, said the robots, which could be sent into areas that would be dangerous for humans to enter because of high radiation levels, could begin to give officials readings on the environment inside the nuclear power plants. Lyons told the U.S. Senate on Tuesday: 'We are moving expeditiously to ship not only the robots but also operators who perhaps will be used to train Japanese operators. We don't know yet how close the operators will need to be to the site." Asked about getting information about the state of the damaged reactors, Lyons said the robots could provide some information. 'Certainly not all we need, but some,' he said."

Comment Not everything needs HTTPS (Score 1) 665

Plus, if your not doing shopping or authentication, or the authentication isn't really a huge deal such as posting a comment (Where's HTTPS on Slashdot!), why spend the money on the cert, time setting it up, and the extra hardware requirements. That being said, HTTPS should probably be used for all passwords because users may use the same password on a blog as they do for online banking.

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