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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - How do you get the best value building a PC?

ObiWanStevobi writes: Although I should ask before hand, I recently ordered everything I need to build a new PC. The high points of the system are a 3.2 Pentium D, ASUS ATX SLI Ready Motherboard, SLI Ready power supply, and GeForce 8500 Graphics card. I also added a DVDRW, DVDROM/CDRW combo drive, 250 Gig Seagate HD, 2 Gigs Kingston RAM, and a Wireless NIC. All of this in an ATX Mid Tower. Grand Total of ~$600. The best part is that I don't have Vista pre-installed.

Now this is not a great machine by current standards, but it is alot more bang for the buck than you can get from a manufacturer. I used TigerDirect and NewEgg to get all the hardware. Those are the sites I typically use at work and have been pretty reliable for me. But what I wonder is what everyone else is using to build their PCs. Where are you getting the most value these days?

Anyone have any particularly great machines they put together for much less than you would expect? What are your favorite discount hardware sites, or any to stay away from?

Submission + - Arguments for/against IT Managers getting an MBA

Esther Schindler writes: "The pressure is on IT leaders to prove their business savvy, and job postings for CIOs and other top-of-the-heap positions commonly ask for an MBA. But do you really need one to be an effective CIO? IT professionals worry that not having an MBA will eliminate them from job opportunities and severely limit their prospects for career growth. But many IT professionals remain resistant because earning the degree requires so much time and money—not to mention the concern that it'll turn them into a PHB. In Should You Get an MBA?, CIO Magazine assembled 10 arguments for getting an MBA and 6 reasons not to do so. Which do you think are more compelling?"

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