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Comment From an Earlier Time (Score 2, Informative) 170


    Here's some software to read a Mattel Powerglove through the Linux
serial driver, you must be using a Menelli box to interface to the glove.
I also wrote a predictive filter to try and eliminate glitches, a TCP-IP
server-client pair to read data in your application, a posture look-up
table to recognise hand shapes, and a simple attempt at recognising 6DOF
movement with vectors and tokenising them into gestures.
    I'm not supporting the software, but I will be hacking around with it
again after Christmas, so the only condition on using it is to send me
any fixes, improvements, and ideas on making it better.

(there is a also an AMI PRO document to go with this stuff, which is
the project report I wrote for my BSc degree.)

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