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Comment make a deal with the devil (Score 1) 379

Microsoft has already shown that they will cast off any business partner when it suits them fine. Make a deal with the devil and you will get burned. Once the used game retailers are done away with, Microsoft will "adjust" their deals for the cut to the publishers and they will cite some user agreement that you can only sell games back to them

Comment The records were never there (Score 1) 120

I worked for an outsourcing IT company, and one of the guys I work with filed invoices for the customer. The application he was using (SAP if I recall), also was used by payroll. At some point he got access to view quite a few peoples payroll records. He called the customers SAP support and they denied that he could possibly have access to those records. So he told them, well, why don't we ask some of the people in this list if this is what they make and see if it is accurate. They declined, and the records disappears shortly after. When he called them back about it, they were like we didn't do anything, you must have been mistaken about having access

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