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Comment Re:Jailbreak != Unlocking (Score 1) 475

Thanks for clarifying.

Now, what happens if I "jailbreak" an Android phone, and flush the OS images (typically boot and userdata), e.g. with Cyanogenmod, Replicant, Ubuntu. Will I automatically unlock the carrier lock as well? Or is there a way to retain the carrier lock, and still install an OS of my choice?

Comment Re:Please use a real unit of measure (Score 1) 136

This is why I will always come back to Slashdot. There will always be some guy, like yourself, delivering the most absurd, but at the same time spot on comment, managing to combine wit, insight, technical details, sarcasm, cynicism, and reality into a beautifully constructed one-liner (which, as you can see, I am not capable of), and make me laugh of loud! -- Congratulations! Keep 'em coming!

Comment Re:The Linux Kernel is *NOT* "free for all". (Score 1) 40

Read and learn:

The term “intellectual property” is at best a catch-all to lump together disparate laws. Nonlawyers who hear one term applied to these various laws tend to assume they are based on a common principle and function similarly.

Nothing could be further from the case. These laws originated separately, evolved differently, cover different activities, have different rules, and raise different public policy issues.

So no, patent and copyright laws do not "overlap". (As for your first sentence, I'm not even sure what it means; "The need"? Right now I need a coffee, but that is certainly not based on any patent...)

Comment Re:72 TB is not a lot of data written (Score 1) 144

This should be modded up.

It's easy to jump to knee-jerk conclusions about some arbitrary number which "feels small". Once you do the math, as the parent just did, it becomes clear that it is perfectly fine. In fact, writing 60 GB / day is for most home user a HUGE margin, so the drive should be able to last much longer than three years.

Comment Re:Who cares, this is not the important point! (Score 1) 442

After the disaster which is my current Dell 2709W (27", 1920x1200), I'll never buy Dell again.

Out of the box, about four years ago, it always had major overheating problems, which manifests itself as jitter on grey-tones (old style Windows 95 UI looks like a xmas tree). Then, in the last year, a vertical purple line 2-3 pixels wide has started to appear when I turn the screen on. It goes away after about 20 minutes. So yeah, probably bad caps.

Then, there is the f*** buttons. Almost every time I want to switch between input sources, the OSD menu times out before I can get to the right source. Just as often, the confirm button does not register the click, and I have to go all over again. F*** annoying! The old models, which had a dedicated physical button for input source was much better. I notice your U2711 has the same "fancy buttons", so it's a no-go for me.

Finally, it's the card-reader and USB hub; it doesn't work, or only works sometimes. No a big deal of course, but simply useless. However, this seems to be a rather consistent problem with Dell monitors. The same thing keeps happening to many of the 24" models at work.

Overall, I'm happy I got the monitor at the time I did, however, my next will be an Eizo, price be dammed.

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