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Comment Strangely, I'm finding Writer to be just fine. (Score 1) 467

I wrote a novel during Nanowrimo this year, and I've been using OpenOffice Writer to format the text into a nice looking book layout. I've previously been a Word 2003 user for about five years, and I have to say that I really don't find anything problematic with the transition.

I've got Writer on an Eee 1005HA-V with 2GB of RAM and it seems to load acceptibly quickly, and whilst the interface is a little different to Word 2003, there's nothing particularly missing or broken that I've encountered as yet: some features are actually better (multipage zoom out, for instance). Doing nice looking book layout is about the same level of hassle that it is in Word, and it seems to perform around about as fast for the task. When I run Writer on my quad-core desktop it screams along doubleplusfine.

On the basis of my experience, I'm really left kinda skeptical at the level of bad experience other people report with Writer. I previously tried OO version 2.x and discovered it sucked rather radically, but version 3+ seems a perfectly useable tool. Perhaps when I get to writing a technical document or textbook in Writer, I'll bump into problems, but I just don't see it for now.

I messed around with versions of Word past 2003 a few times in various workplaces, but none of them ever provided any functionality I really needed, and just shuffled the other stuff around in the interface to irritating effect.

Given these thoughts, I think Microsoft should certainly be worried: I'll probably never install Word again.

Comment Custom firmware project? (Score 1) 263

In a lot of the above comments, the primary source of dissatisfaction seems to be the firmware. Given that Amazon is doing firmware updates over the air, writing custom firmware should be possible without even having to crack the device. Anyone have any data in this regard? What does the Amazon EULA have to say?


Tactical Camera 137

An anonymous reader writes "What do you get when you mount a Nikon D200 with a standard rifle stock? Why a Tactical Camera of course! One that no reporter would be caught with in a war zone or covering any armed action anywhere. What started out as a tongue in cheek project for April Fools wound up being quite the successful demonstration of concept. It features a fully functional trigger; it has controls for operating the shutter and auto focus; and for the patient shots, it has a mounted bipod. Carry sling optional."

Submission + - How much do SACD remasters cost?

jayegirl writes: "I've been gradually acquiring more content on SACD over the last few weeks, after hearing the mind-burning excellence that is Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" on the format. It has prompted me to wonder, among other things, why there isn't more Pink Floyd available on SACD, and whether it might be plausible to set up some sort of online petition with escrowed donations toward production cost of further material.

So the initial question is, does anyone have any idea how much the remastering process onto SACD format costs a big record label to do? What about pressing the discs? What's the minimum production volume?

It simply strikes me that I'd contribute US$10 toward "Wish You Were Here" on the format, and I can easily imagine there are 50,000 like minded geeks who would do the same."

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