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Comment Kansas City Missouri choices (Score 1) 165

Well .. here I can get

Time Warner at 15/1 for $50 a month, with various options going up to $120 a month for 50/5
AT&T Uverse - unsure of pricing, but maxes out at ~18/1
Everest/Surewest maxes out at 50/50 symetrical .. this is what I'm converting to soon
and when they build it
Google Fiber 1Gb symmetrical for $70 a month .. might be a year or so before it's built, but once there -- hell yes

Comment Re:Middle of this year? (Score 5, Informative) 53

Small point of clarification here -- Nextel never used GSM, they have only ever used iden. iden had sim cards like GSM and the backend / MSC "felt" like GSM, but the air interface -- the shoveling of bits across the air between tower and handset, have always been IDEN.

It's also worth pointing out that nextel used what is called the SMR band .. ~800mhz. This frequency typically propagates further than the 1900mhz the rest of Sprint is operating on, so it is entirely possible for the new phone tower in the same location wouldn't reach you, while an iden at 800mhz would.

Comment idea.. (Score 1) 120

I agree, it sounds like you'd want something a bit more professional than random cobbled together solutions.

That said, machines like the Raspberry Pi (or other small ARM based machines you might actually be able to acquire in quantity) might be one answer.

At least, the ability to output a sound file from an SD card and have an editable playlist is a pretty low entry requirement..

Just buy a dozen extras and swap them out if they die ..

Comment Listening much? (Score 1) 1

Perhaps Poland's parliament should concentrate on what's in the best interest of their countrymen than listening to anything else.

I can't comment on the pros or cons of the legislation they are considering, but if it is not in the best interests of the nation than it should be changed or withdrawn.

Comment Re:Score one for Bad Guys, er I mean Civil Liberti (Score 1) 354

Honestly, if law enforcement has, and can demonstrate, probable cause, they'll have no problem getting a warrant very quickly.

I've read of officers getting warrants during the duration of a traffic stop in a couple of rural counties around my location in the middle of the night.

All that this ruling will do is cut back on "hunches" and make sure an officer can get at least one other person agrees that there is something worth investigating and/or worth tracking.

Comment well.. (Score 1) 215

In a world where autos can be thought of as price points for a certain size and feature set (with most comparable models being in the a narrow power/accessories/size/price range) .. it makes sense that they'd make the software a value-add way to differenciate themselves.

The experience in my Toyota Prius is similar, the 2004-2009 models come standard with a touch screen, and a lot of the functions center around it (backup camera, sound system, battery monitor, engine diagnostic code and testing). It was something that people noticed when getting into the car and added value above what was perceived by competetors. (it's no longer standard equipment btw, several thousand dollar upgrade just to get the camera).

Comment Re:The end of an era (Score 1) 80

Yeah, amazing how a system tailor built for non-persistent network connections (store and forward) can be adapted to regions without persistent network connections.

Last I looked at it, it was still very popular (relatively) in Africa and SE Asia, with the actual nodelist being bigger now than it was in it's heyday .. though the observance of zonemail hour is probably nil and I have no idea if echomail or netmail is reliable in any sense.

I just find it funny that there is still a couple nodes left on my old local 1:280 , one of which appears to be a zombie BBS with the last user listed as logged in being myself from a year or more previously.

Comment Re:public safety (Score 1) 457

Because american corporate style would see fit to wave people onto planes with no screening whatsoever if it saved them a few bucks to pass to the shareholders if they could get away with it. You can't go "oops" with people's lives like you can with the performance or failure of a company's stock.

Comment public safety (Score 1) 457

Sorry Forbes, but public safety is not one of those things that free market economics has any chance of doing better than government standardized or government run schemes.

It'd be almost an exact parallel of health care in the US. An organization responsible for something generally considered in the public interest, but with motivations other than, and sometimes in direct conflict with, that public interest.

As far as grievous things done by the TSA .. yeah, they are grievous and demand changes to only perform functions that directly relate to security.

As far as the specific example .. it's unfortunate, but as soon as TSA says they won't examine women who have had mastectomy is the day certain nefarious organizations start recruiting women who have had a mastectomy to take a defacto one way flight somewhere.

Comment makes sense (Score 3, Insightful) 279

I won't comment on the aesthetics of the building, but it seems a no brainer for a company like Apple to build a thoroughly modern building like this.

At least I don't see Apple going out of business anytime soon and they can practically write a check for the whole thing. The money being an opportunity cost that will pay back over the longer term with less building energy costs and having everyone in one place / no lease costs for other locations.

Only downside might be if they ever did need to sell it or lease space to others in the future. (this doesn't seem structured like say the Sprint Nextel campus in Overland Park Kansas .. where the buildings were restructured for other companies use after the original occupant didn't need them anymore for various reasons.

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