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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 301

Can't find the final numbers but 900 000 albums were sold in the first week, it was nominated for Mercury Music Prize and Grammy and was no. 17 in the 2006 billboard top independent album list. during the seven years since his solo album he released two albums with Radiohead and one with his new band atoms for peace which is headlining festivals across Europe at the moment. Seems like you have absolutely no idea who Thom Yorke is but you decided to talk crap anyway...

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 301

Nobody gives a shit about his solo music? what rock have you been living under? also his solo album (the eraser) was released 7 years ago and "The album debuted at #3 on the UK Albums Chart and at #2 on the Billboard 200 in the United State" (wikipedia). But yeah no-one gives a shit about his solo music, or radiohead, or atoms for peace...

Comment Re:Reward the artist (Score 0) 301

Sure, but when you spend it on spotify or itunes or such you're not actually paying the musicians. 90% (number out of my ass ofcourse) of that money goes to the production company and the service that provides the download. As a musician, you're the one who's making 90% of the work.

Just to clarify by "musicians" I mean real musicians not the industry-produced starlets. With them, well, someone has to pay the 5 people that wrote that shitty songs of theirs (well, they're not even their, they just sing them)...

Comment Re:Linux's Biggest Threat is Human Engineering (Score 1) 252

If you have good provisioning (cobbler+puppet FTW) you can cruise control as root ;). The main reason to use users+sudo is in environment with multiple administrators. you have better control and log over who runs what. if everyone logs in as root through a certificate/shared password you have a recipe for a disaster.

Comment Re:Not as real a threat as on Microsoft Windows (Score 1) 252

however viruses require "active" cooperation of the user. you don't have good attack possibilities to infect servers. Windows servers are not a huge part of botnets, it's the windows workstations (and a lot of them are using illegal copies so they're not properly updated). Targeting linux workstations would be "easier" in that regard however desktop usage of linux is still not high enough (and the users tend to be more computer literate) to be feasible. add the diversity to it and you'll realize you have much better chance of success (and larger possible profit) targeting windows or android...

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