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Comment Re:Certificates can be revoked (Score 1) 196

While I don't use linux on desktop anymore I still check linux compatibility on all the HW I buy - you never know when you'll need TRK or backtrack. Not to mention if steam for linux/steam box kicks game producers into providing linux ports I might even return to linux desktop some day (in the time of lots of ram and multi-core CPUs it's not such a problem to run windows in a VM for win-only stuff).

Comment What I have... (Score 1) 144

I have a NSD powerball (250Hz) and a Prohands Pro medium finger exerciser (tension of 7lb per finger). I use the powerball when I feel my wrists are getting sore (after all day behind the computer or playing the guitar) and the finger exerciser when I'm thinking at work (I'm a programmer so I do a lot of that :) ).

Comment Re:so i can't make a clock with no numbers? (Score 1) 274

it's not just the no numbers. the way the hours are marked, the hands look EXACTLY the same... Not to mention it awfully looks like the clocks we used to have at school that was built during communist era in Czechoslovakia (except the red second hand - it didn't have the circle at its tip)

Comment Re:Easily disabled (Score 1) 646

> Seriously though, if you didn't set up your Grandma's machine to be remotely administered by you when you installed it, then you probably aren't qualified to be using slashdot. yes because my time is abundant and I can take care of a wide network of computers for friends and family... I'm always thrilled when I see the linux crowd oscillating from "it's for everyone" to "but not so much". > Windows crapware But I remove the crapware at the beginning, give her limited user rights and am set... The crapware on windows computers is usually "value-ware" from the manufacturer of the computer. Clear install of windows 7/8 has no crapware and mainly, windows DOESN'T install crapware as part of a regular system update...

Comment Re:Walled garden (Score 1) 385

I feel your pain :). We got an iPad 2 for our office for development purposes. Our art director was thrilled and wouldn't let go of it. Then my other colleague started trying out games and was thrilled. Then it was finally my turn. I decided I will read one ebook I had for some time. So I approached this "problem" as I would on android - I dropped the ebook on my dropbox and installed dropbox on the iPad, I logged in and... found out I can not just download the files into the iPad... I started googling around on how to achieve this, saw the word "iTunes" in all the links on the first page... I returned the iPad to our art director and apart from testing I don't use it at all...

Comment Re:The real news (Score 2, Informative) 470

I'm tired of this. really I am. how long have you been using windows 8? I'm using it on both of my workstations since developer preview came out...

they've made the desktop as functional as windows 2000 with a crashed explorer. yay!

huh? my desktop looks just like my desktop in windows 7. BTW if you really hate the metro interface you can turn it off and have a plain old windows 7 with the more efficient windows 8 core. anyway don't want it? don't use it but stop spreading false information. 10 years ago it was microsoft who spread FUD like crazy - now it's the ubuntards...

Comment Re:The way the market has gone (Score 1) 734

In windows 8 developer preview there was an context menu option to mount iso. in consumer preview this option disappeared but if you open with... the iso and select windows explorer it will mount. I presume that it will be working in the released version aswell... sadly it mounts/opens ONLY iso... I had no luck with other drive image formats.

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