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Comment Re:Game Controls (Score 1) 368

I'm not saying external peripherals cannot be used with mobile devices (a lot of my work involves building custom hardware to interface with Android devices), I was remarking on the ridiculousness of his argument. I.e. he's been playing for "years" yet seems unaware of the controller options, thus assumes that tilting a tablet is the best way to control a driving game...

Comment Re:Game Controls (Score 1) 368

I find it hilarious reading through the comments of people proclaiming that tablet gaming could never be as good because of some control issue, when it is clear these people have never actually played many good tablet games. I've been an avid gamer for decades and played numerous racing games, and a few of the tablet racing games have the best controls I've ever used. Buttons and tiny joysticks are just REALLY hard to use to steer a (simulated) car, whereas full screen tilt is awesome once you get a little practice. The good racing games even keep the horizon level while you turn the tablet.

You know what's even more intuitive for steering a car in a driving game? A steering wheel. If only someone sold such things to plug into consoles and PCs...

Comment Re:When a user has too many choices (Score 1) 368

Arguing that PC games give players too many configuration options (even if they choose to use them) is ridiculous.

The problem is that players have to use them. In general, PC game controllers present their face buttons in an unpredictable order. So unless your controller happens to bean Xbox 360 game controller and the game you are playing happens to use "XInput" (specific support for Xbox 360 controllers under Windows), you have to go through at least some sort of configuration form before the computer knows which button to use for jump, attack, switch weapon, and pause.

Press the following buttons
in order:
[Up], Down, Left, Right,
Jump, Attack, Change Tool,

??? What commercial game have you played from the last 10 years that required that kind of configuration? The standard keybindings are very well known now. WASD+mouse to move about, [space] (usually) to jump, numeric keys to change weapons, etc. There will always be defaults. Just like most games now will automatically choose the graphic settings during the first launch. Of course these can all be overridden if desired, just like consoles allow the player to change the key bindings (as I recall). Of course there's little point in allow graphics options on a console - it's pretty much doing what it can.

Since when is choice a bad thing?

Since researchers discovered that people freeze up when they see too many choices. From this page:

Preferences can confuse many users. Take the famous too many clocks example. A significant number of test subjects were so surprised to have 5 choices of clock they couldn't figure out how to add a clock to their panel. This cost of preferences is invariably underestimated by us technical types.

This is a completely different use case. This is someone's first exposure to an unfamiliar UI. I don't "freeze up" every time I launch a game because there are graphic options somewhere under a settings menu. The same way I don't "freeze up" when I open my wardrobe and choose a shirt and tie. your type of thinking lead Apple to the 1-button mouse.

Comment Re:Game Controls (Score 1) 368

Here's one: http://www.rahulsood.com/2010/07/console-gamers-get-killed-against-pc.html It's the reason PC and console players are segregated - it should be easy-ish for MS to allow the Xbox live service to handle games running on the 2 platforms, but they won't do it as it'll cost them sales in Xboxes. Nobody would want to play on Xbox if they're getting humiliated all the time by PC gamers ;-)

Comment Re:Game Controls (Score 4, Informative) 368

Nobody wants or cares about the ability to plunk down $500 on 3 more fps.

Of course they do - the person who bought the hardware to get a better gaming experience. I've spent a lot of money on my gaming rig, and believe me the gaming experience is WAY above anything a console can deliver. While your console is struggling along at 1024x720@30fps, I'm playing the same game at 6014x1200@{whatever the pegged fps is} with much more detail, more effects, and higher quality sound. You might as well argue that everyone should just buy the cheapest, shittiest car they can find because it'll crawl up to the speed limit, so why do you need anything better?

They'd rather everyone was the same anyways.

Slow loading times haven't been a problem since playstation 1 days.

Please tell me you're joking. Have you compared the speed of a PC loading a game from an SSD RAID / RAM disk, to a PS3/Xbox grinding away with an old optical disk, and so little RAM it can't cache anything worth a damn? I DO also own an PS3, I hadn't used it for anything much except playing BlueRay disks for over 2 years (it's now been replaced by a dedicated BR player) The last time I tried a game in it, I honestly thought it had frozen each time it tried to load a new level. On my gaming rig, there's no waiting - ever. Last game I can compare between PC and console was Skyrim. On the console there were huge delays while loading - on PC, there was nowhere near enough time to read anything on the "did you know" type screen before the level loaded. If you haven't noticed the HUGE difference here, you obviously haven;'t played a game on a proper gaming PC in a few years.

Games are only expensive if you buy the expensive ones, and most of those titles cost the same on PC.

So you mean if you buy any current games they're expensive on console? That's about right. PC games are cheaper on Steam. Check it yourself.

Console updates happen by pressing "ok". Easy enough for kids, no headaches for adults.

Last time I tried, this is how it went:
Insert game - "Your system needs a software update, please exit the game and update..."
Exit game, scroll across to the "System" tab, navigate up (for some reason the software update is above all the other options), choose "Software update"
"Checking..." (finally) "A software update was found, would you like to install?"
Press Yes, "Please accept these new terms and conditions", click through
"Would you like the system to shut down after updating", press Yes.
(update takes 20 minutes)

On PC? Updates happen in the background, automatically install as the machine is shut down.

Which is easier?

Good customization and mods come back as new titles. The rest is largely garbage, and the difference is negligible. Meanwhile, most people just don't care.

Please provide any evidence of this. Or is it just something you made up while writing this reply? Maybe you're just not aeware of the modding communities for a lot of current games. Or you have no choice because you're stuck with a 7 year old piece of locked down tech that's incapable of handling this content.

Nobody wants to play with keyboard, mice, 10,000 buttons and macros. They want to lay on the living room floor or sit on the couch with a controller.

Sorry, how old are you? 12? Keyboards don't have "10,000 buttons". People (well, adults) don't necessarily want to lay on the floor to play games. Personally I like playing my games at v.high resolution, every visual effect enabled, surround sound, instant load times and no screaming little XBox brats in my ears. It's worth the cost. The fact you keep stating absolutes ("Nobody does this, nobody does that") suggests you're a child living in his own little bubble, peobably without the means to have a choice of gaming platform. You're therefore arguing from a position of ignorance.

The fact is that the keyboard+mouse is the better control system for FPS'. Having to use clumsy analog thumb-sticks is a handicap right from the start. Add to this the far higher level of detail and higher framerates, and this is why PC players cannot join console players online. The console players are annihilated and humiliated.

If consoles lose favor, it'll be to more open consoles or tablets that have solved the input problem. Touch devices suck for anything not designed for touch.

Wow, thank you captain obvious!

The fact is that consoles are just a cheap and cheerful way to play games on old hardware. The games companies and PC players hate them because they hold progress back. Companies have to plan their game engines around the limitations of these ancient, low powered devices, and so porting to fast PCs often adds a lot of expense.

Comment Re:Game Controls (Score 4, Interesting) 368

For FPS' - let's face it, the vast majority of console games - the mouse+keyboard is the superior control mechanism. This has been proven countless times, notably when Microsoft stages an event pitting Xbox "pro" players against PC players. The PC players decimated the Xbox players. It was a major embarrassment for MS (and the players I guess) and nstrumental is MS' decision to keep the XBox and PC player base segregated.

Consoles are a bad deal all around: Outdated hardware - years behind PCs, low resolution, excessively slow loading times, expensive games, lack of customisation and custom mods. Consoles need software updates at least as often as PCs, so that's a wash. Arguing that PC games give players too many configuration options (even if they choose to use them) is ridiculous. Since when it choice a bad thing? Unless you're Apple, I guess.

Comment Re:Like any of them poor countries can afford Appl (Score 1) 466

I wouldn't call a map app with less features, less accuracy and more outright errors "innovation" either.

As always with Apple, their customers are just regarded as collateral damage as they attempt to grab more market share and harm competitors. No different to most corporations, but people seem to think they're a "cool company" or something to be desired. They're not - they just push products, like any other company. Their products are not really innovative or even original. Aside from the shiny cases, there's really nothing special about Apple. They have plenty of "special" customers though - e.g. the imbeciles who queued overnight to get into a shop...

Comment Re:Oh samsung... (Score 2) 470

Yeah, 1GB should be enough for anyone right?

I don't think Samsung are "deathly afraid of Apple". Not then they're currently the leaders in market share, and actually supply the hardware to Apple, to make their phones/tablets/laptops. It's kind of a win-win...

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