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Journal Journal: Slashdot's icons are A.F.U.

The motherboard pictured on the right has ISA slots. WTF?

I should've never started trolling. Now my karma is at "Terrible" (didn't it used to have numbers) and I lack the patience or motivation to correct it.

It's another glorious day. It looks like someone (several?) flooded three people with the link to someone's journal identifying michaal as as shitty editor. I've linked it as my homepage as well as in my description.



Journal Journal: What a glorious day!

My karma ended up back at Bad, thanks to one single comment. I'm amazed it wasn't taken for a Troll. Very strange.

My attempts at bullshitting didn't even get modded DOWN, let alone catch the +1 Informative I was shooting for.

Apparently you can karma whore if your trolling posts are wacky-humorous OR you're bullshitting a la Physics(Genius|Scholar). I admire PhysicsScholar's acumen -- he's able to be a full-on troll in one article and pick his karma back up immediately with a helpful link. His only natural enemy is a moderator that: checks links, reads journals and knows what he's talking about. Fortunately for us, those are a rare breed here and guys like him and TrollingStones can spread chaos with little chance of consequences.

Slashdot has moved to a new server, and I'm unable to post in articles. Whenever I do, and I hit either "reply" or "preview", I am taken to a very generic page of "Topics open to comments" or somesuch. The URL just ends in "", so I'm assuming there's something wrong with the shitty coding.

But it's still a wonderful trollfest here today. There were several crapflooders making the most of the opportunity, and wasting SOOOOO many mod points. I hope it's a record of some kind. Articles are nearly unreadable. It's a wonderful thing.



Journal Journal: Well, poop.

My karma today went from Bad to Terrible, but it's not hard to see why. Now I am limited to a mere two posts a day, so I'd better start karma whoring.

What's particulary galling is that I wasted what little karma I had left on a stupid attempt and whoring to the anti-business zealots here... then when I went to post something that was actually funny, I had to do it as an AC. FROWNIE.

I have come to realize that PhysicsScholar is one of the better trolls here. He brings me much joy. I have so much to learn.


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