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Comment Re:Filed in 2008? Are they serious? (Score 1) 265

You are technically not allowed to add new matter to a continuing application. That means only things which were described at the time of filing of the priority application can be claimed. Of course a broad reading of the specification may allow for embodiments to be patented which were't necessaerily contimplated at the priority filing date but do pass the written description test.

Comment Re:It's all BS. (Score 1) 265

Actually the prior art that is required may even be earlier than that. You are only statutorily barred from a patent if the prior art ( 35 USC 102(b) type art) is more than 1 year prior to your priority date (or on sale in use 1 year prior).

If it is say 6 months from your priority date (102 (a) the inventor may file a 131 declaration which attests that the invention was reduced to practice prior to the prior art date or that it was conceived prior to the prior art date and they diligently worked on the invention till the invention was reduced to practice.

Comment USA USA USA (Score -1, Flamebait) 271


Suck it European scientists, while you were sitting around eating your nutella and drinking cappuccinos while watching boring ass soccer (excuse me I mean football) our scientists just discovered the Higgs boson(s) with an underpowered accelerator compared to your new fancy one at CERN.


Just kidding Europe I like your guys except Lichtenstein, I hate Lichtenstein.

Comment Re:Security != privacy. (Score 4, Informative) 288

Google clearly states this on their page. There is no such thing as 'free'.

"few notes to remember: Google will still maintain search data to improve your search quality and to provide better service. Searching over SSL doesn't reduce the data sent to Google -- it only hides that data from third parties who seek it. And clicking on any of the web results, including Google universal search results for unsupported services like Google Images, could take you out of SSL mode. Our hope is that more websites and services will add support for SSL to help create a better and more consistent experience for you.

We think users will appreciate this new option for searching. It's a helpful addition to users' online privacy and security, and we'll continue to add encryption support for more search offerings. To learn more about using the feature, refer to our help article on search over SSL."

They make there money by monetizing your search and with ads. You are free not to use their service.

Submission + - Unleash The Litigation (

Veramocor writes: In a clear case of corporate bullying, Monster Energy drinks has threatened independent brewer Rock Art Brewery to stop the use of the 'Vermonster' name on its beer products and pay attorney fees, stating that Monster Energy drinks customers might become confused. According to the article many trademark attorneys agree that Monster Energy case is likely to lose, however, the small independent brewer will likely end up bankrupting itself trying to fight Monster Energy in court. Monster Energy case appears weak, the products are in different categories (energy drinks vs. beer), none of the colors or fonts used between the two companies are the same, and the product name 'Vermonster' is a clear play on words of the term 'Vermonter'. It is not clear to me how any reasonable customer would confuse the two brands unless Monster energy thinks its customer base is composed of idiots. For slashdotters that drink the product are you as easily confused as Monster energy is inferring you to be?

Comment Re:Hire a lawyer (Score 2, Interesting) 221

One actual solution is to hire a patent agent. This person is an engineer who has passed the patent bar but has not gone to law school. They are allowed tpo prosecute (file for and obtain a patent) but not litigate in front of a court. Like any other profession there are good ones and bad ones.

However, patent agents will be much cheaper than a patent lawyer.

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