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Veramocor writes: In a clear case of corporate bullying, Monster Energy drinks has threatened independent brewer Rock Art Brewery to stop the use of the 'Vermonster' name on its beer products and pay attorney fees, stating that Monster Energy drinks customers might become confused. According to the article many trademark attorneys agree that Monster Energy case is likely to lose, however, the small independent brewer will likely end up bankrupting itself trying to fight Monster Energy in court. Monster Energy case appears weak, the products are in different categories (energy drinks vs. beer), none of the colors or fonts used between the two companies are the same, and the product name 'Vermonster' is a clear play on words of the term 'Vermonter'. It is not clear to me how any reasonable customer would confuse the two brands unless Monster energy thinks its customer base is composed of idiots. For slashdotters that drink the product are you as easily confused as Monster energy is inferring you to be?

Comment Re:Hire a lawyer (Score 2, Interesting) 221

One actual solution is to hire a patent agent. This person is an engineer who has passed the patent bar but has not gone to law school. They are allowed tpo prosecute (file for and obtain a patent) but not litigate in front of a court. Like any other profession there are good ones and bad ones.

However, patent agents will be much cheaper than a patent lawyer.

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