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Comment Re:Uh, what's the point?!? -- flawed "study" (Score 1) 97

They never even define "popular". I would assume popular means the number of friends you have or some other metric. There are people on FB that have a good number of friends that are really obnoxious (at least to me) to have as friends on FB.

A friend of mine on FB who has over 4,000 friends is a nationally known guitar player/singer in a band.

Comment Re:This is only temporary (Score 2) 471

Maybe I'm a naysayer, but I fail to see how a coal powered trolly car* is more efficient than an internal combustion engine. Sounds like 1800s to me.

* 57% of the electricity in the US comes from coal, and it is shipped over aluminum and copper wires, very similar to a trolley car.

Comment Re:Will this pass muster? (Score 1) 183

There is a difference between patents and trademarks. Like copyright, you can trademark anything, and again like copyright, its up to the holder to defend it themselves. Trademarks are there to maintain brand integrity and recognition. Its OK, there is no controversy here. If a rapper wants to Donky Kong stuff, I don't see where this would be a trademark violation because they are in entirely different businesses, and there is no way to confuse Mr Rapper with Nintendo.

Comment Re:It sucks I agree (Score 3, Informative) 472

I'm actually reading a book about filesystems with a focus on the BFS from Be Inc. The author in it actually says that renaming a file is the most complicated operation on a file. Before the file is renamed, lots of validation must take place in some implementations a rename locks the entire filesystem. The source and destination must be verified to be reachable and unused. The rename could go into another directory, so its must do the proper checks there as well. There are edge cases if the source or destination is a directory.

Its still seems like an O(1) maybe with a big 1, but this author spent a considerable amount of time on renaming.

Comment Re:Grow up. (Score 1) 448

Give it up. Some people feel compelled on social networking sites to complain about people using social networking sites. I guess /. is different in that you don't have to use your real name.

Comment Re:My Setup (Score 1) 516

I run PS3MediaServer on my fileserver. Streams (and trancodes when necessary) over the network to my PS3. Works well.

I would frequently get stuttering with this setup, even just doing flac audio files.

I'm thinking of one of these:

Any experiences here? It looks great from the description.

Comment Re:dell shop, looking to jump ship (Score 1) 239

My company currently runs a dell shop

New to dell shops. Nice to meet you.

over $100,000 in Dell servers.

I have been having issue after issue with the power supplies in pretty much every dell I run. We really like to run the SFF style units and they use a specially sized power supply. Dell refuses to acknowledge that there is an issue even though I have a 25% failure rate in power supplies at the one year mark.

I have to call BS here. Dell servers come with 3 year maintenance at a minimum and will replace the power supplies. Power supplies are a known failure point on machines, and on those that care they get redundant ones. Also, I've never heard of SFF servers.

I work with well over $2mil of Dell servers and more than that from other vendors. I prefer Dells.

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