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Comment Different link than mine? (Score 1) 315

"Comcast plans to enter into broadband IPv6 technical trials later this year and into 2010," TBarry Tishgart, VP of Internet Services for Comcast tells Internet News. "Planning for general deployment is underway."

They will have possibly completed a trial in 2010 and ar "Planning for General Deployment" I personally am planning for lottery winning, but there is no indication of when I might have completed my lottery winning deployment.

Comment Re:IpV6 reality check (Score 1) 315

I am a very greedy network engineer and I look forward to the horrendous problems caused by ipv6 service transitions. I get paid by the hour after all.

Grandma will get another ISP.


What percentage of customer downtime is considered a success for ipv6 transition for a service provider? Lost revenue due customer desertion?

Are those people on the phone you talk to at Verizon or Comcast "Network Engineers"?

What percentage of the television set top boxes provided by ISP triple play providers have an ipV6 stack? What percentage of the VOD backend? How much loss of revanue of lost video on demand is acceptable?

How much have you worked with DOCSIS compliant cable gear under ipv6 or ipv4/6 hybrid mode? HOOO Daddy!

Is Comcast going to buy grandma a new router? Ship it to grandma for free? Different Comcast?

Comment Re:More things to look out for.... (Score 1) 524

And if they are transcievers? 100 Grand Vidio teleconferencing rigs? Sometimes you just force duplex and deal with it.

A more serious issue is that the workstations and servers are usually built from an image, and if that image doesn't support autosensing properly with whatever networking hardware is in place, someone has to make it work. HINT: the group who can make the change remotely, in minutes, with no need of a security review for an image change is the group that budges.

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