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Comment Re:Flip it (Score 1) 220

I think kids would play it for the shock value, some politicians would complain, and it would stay on store shelves. Maybe Rockstar should make a Pakistan division and do this for the free publicity. (On that note, the CIA isn't in Grand Theft Auto AFAIK, but crooked cops, FBI agents, and the US military are).

Comment Re:Ah! (Score 2) 354

"Why create AIs? To enslave them?"

Yes. As a basic example, imagine you're learning how to code, and you want to spend as little time as possible in the classroom. Wouldn't it be great if an AI could recognize what you're trying to do, intuitively explain why a piece of code isn't working, gently inform you when the code could be done more cleanly, create or modify blocks of code for you when you verbally ask them, etc? If it learns so much that it takes on a concept of free will and suffers for not having it, that wouldn't be so great, otherwise, very useful for a variety of things.

Comment Re:Safari Broken In 3... 2... 1... (Score 1) 114

It sounds like web apps were the official way with the original iPhone, before the App Store existed, and they needed a selling point for their device. How altruistic of them. Then Apple made the App Store. Now they want you to use that, but they can't really justify shutting down web apps, so all they can do is ignore them and hope users do the same.

Comment Re:IOW, we're making it harder get a response... (Score 2) 337

But the Death Star response was informative, and no one should draw the line of what is "nonsense". Not saying this petition system actually brings forth any change, but I do think it's a good idea and hope it's taken up by future administrations. It's nice to see them tasked to make a response if enough people demand it; even a superficial one helps clue one in to what the administration is about when a "no comment" response is off the table.

Comment Re:What is this, "skip the little words" day? (Score 1) 101

Which raises an interesing point. In the past, depending the time and place, it was considered arrogant for something to have perfect spelling and grammar. While I don't agree that either, minor mistakes don't hurt readability much. Hopefully this comment will help test that theory one way or the other.

Comment Re:Did we all just get smarter? (Score 1) 530

That sounds like more of an example of why intelligence measures don't work, just as strength measures don't. The same guy doesn't win every Strongman (etc) event. Different athletes have different kinds of strength. You can't just add together bench-press percentile with neuron-activity percentile (weighted according to how important each is) to determine who will be more likely to win the next MMA bout.

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