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Submission + - Quicktime creator brings Flash and Office to the iPad (

adycarter writes: "Steve Perlman, the man responsilbe for Quicktime and WebTV has recently launched OnLive Desktop which now offers a "plus" service enabling iPad users to use Flash, Microsoft Office and the ability to use a Gigabit-speed version of Internet Explorer. The service runs on the same basic technology as their game streaming service in that you're using your iPad as client to access a machine located in the cloud."

Submission + - Flash now available on the iPad ( 1

adycarter writes: "Cloud gaming and computing company OnLive has today revealed the first of their paid plans for their OnLive Desktop service. This $4.99 per month plan brings a fully featured and Flash capable Internet Explorer to the iPad, alongside the pre existing Microsoft Office offered by the Free versions of OnLive Desktop."

Comment Or just use OnLive? (Score 1) 402

Theres at least two companies, one and another one called CloudON that offer this kind of functionality if its really needed.

Having used the former its pretty decent and rather handy, but really I don't see the need to actually *have* Office on the iPad, the ability to use it briefly if needed is enough.


Submission + - Cloud gaming aims for the mainstream.. (

adycarter writes: "Cloud Gaming gets kicked around as "the future" quite a bit, but most people seem to be dismissive still claiming it doesn't work or is years away from becoming a reality.
OnLive is pushing the boat out this holiday weekend with an offer of $1/£1 for any users first purchase on the system and as the only way to play many AAA titles on a Mac its well worth a look; even just out of curiosity."

Comment Virgin do me nicely... (Score 1) 121

30mb/3mb connection with Virgin. £27 a month with no need for a phone line or paying any form of "line rental" to BT, infact I dont even have a phone line in the building.

Their trafic management policy is nicely listed here:

I get on average 33mb down and 3.1mb up according to if I manage to hit their cap in the evening (OnLive uses about 2.5gb per 30mins) then I get throttled down to 7.5mb which to be fair is way more than anyone round here gets on BT anyways.

Its rarely down and always works nicely, problem for most people is down to their cable network not covering most places, if you're lucky enough to get it then get it...

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 283

Not this season no, 2.2k back in S7 and S8. (Which admittedly is rather poor, but im a PVE hero)

Like I said, different strokes for different folks, or classes, I doubt I even have 15 abilities of note, even with specific targetted clense macros and stuff :/

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 283

I play WoW, and reasonably well :(

My point was my mouse has 5 buttons and a wheel, with Ctrl, Alt and shift modifiers thats enough for me, I honestly dont think I have enough abilities to justify a squillion button mouse (L2P a non Paladin I guess), I guess my frugal mind looks at a 15 button mouse and thinks "Well I can do that with Modifiers and spend the ££s on food instead" rather than "Yay now I can avoid pressing modifiers OR bind 45 different things to my mouse hand!"

Different strokes for different folks I guess, much like the afforementioned magical AV cables.

Comment Yeah... (Score 1) 283

Gaming mice, bought and classed as the greatest thing ever by those same people that use gold plated martian ray proof AV cables!

The extra buttons ones I guess serve a purpose if you are incapable of using modifiers or are some kind of Octopi

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