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Comment Re:Bad metric (Score 1) 234

Survival is a terrible metric of intelligence. By that standard, lions and tigers and bears are the most intelligent species on the planet.

Forget lions and tigers or even insects and bacteria. By this metric, the water in the ocean, the sun we orbit around, and the vast expanses of space are far more intelligent than anything that has ever lived or any system we have put in place.


Submission + - Mortgage Securitization Software Author Mea Culpa (

TheSync writes: "New York Magazine has an article written by Michael Osinski, an author of early software to enable collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs). He even created a language for mortgage-backed bonds called BondTalk. He says "I never would have thought, in my most extreme paranoid fantasies, that my software, and the others like it, would have enabled Wall Street to decimate the investments of everyone in my family. ""

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