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Comment Re:Yes/No/Maybe (Score 1) 1425

First, let me mention that I vehemently agree that our voting system really needs to change. I'm not trying to argue that. But...

Everyone registered as a citizen gets a voting ticket by regular mail well before the election.

What happens if yours never comes? I know there were major problems with absentee ballots being mailed to US citizens living abroad. As in, few of them received them more than a day before the deadline to return them. Now imagine this happening widespread across the US. Under an Administration that people hvae come to distrust.

Even if everyone gets them, I can see a lot of people losing them. And if people can go get a new one, it raises the question of what happened to the old one--was it really lost (or never arrived), or does someone else have it? Anyone who thinks that fake IDs don't exist should visit a college campus. So then the tickets would be making it easier for people to 'double-vote.'

Once again, I agree that the system needs to change, and it needs to change in a big way. It just seems like voting 'tickets' will do nothing but keep legitimate voters from being able to vote.

Megapixels & Camera Phones 323

CEmongler writes "Consumer Electronics publication tackles the integrated camera attachments in today's cell phones. According to the author, "The camera integration has in fact reached such a stage that any self-respecting phone would incorporate at least a megapixel camera. The cutting-edge feature to have though is the 2-megapixel variety. The question is: is it really worth the extra money you pay for it? Without getting into model-by-model comparisons, I am questioning the entire range of 2-megapixel camera phones. Are they really worth it? For the most part, no."

The End of Naked PCs in China? 221

fishter writes "The Chinese Government is calling on PC manufacturers to ensure that a properly licensed operating system is installed on their products before they leave the factory. One manufacturer has already signed a deal with Microsoft to install its operating systems on all its personal PC products. The edict would also apply to foreign manufacturers supplying PCs to Chinese companies and residents."

Inventing the Telephone, Independently 203

An anonymous reader writes "There is a nice article about the history of the telephone at Most of us know that Alexander Bell beat Elisha Gray to the patent office by mere hours to claim credit for the invention of the telephone, but did you know that two other inventors can also claim the invention, including Thomas Edison? Similar disputes about independent invention and patent ownership can be found regarding the television, the airplane, and the automobile. Maybe it really is true: the economic benefit of encouraging patents is like that of encouraging window breaking."

Maryland Votes To Ban Diebold Voting Machines 240

vandon writes " reports: 'The state Maryland House of Delegates this week voted 137-0 to approve a bill prohibiting election officials from using AccuVote-TSx touch-screen systems in 2006 primary and general elections. The legislation calls for the state to lease paper-based optical-scan systems for this year's votes. State Delegate Anne Healey estimated the leasing cost at $12.5 million to $16 million for the two elections.'"

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