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Comment Re:Why do people want to survive the end of the wo (Score 1) 220

What kind of chemicals or parasites have invaded their brains to turn off their genetic programming?

Thought. Higher brain functions, contemplating the purpose of such programming. Nature is dead. Nature remains dead. And we have killed it. Yet its shadow still looms...

Comment Re:Useful, but not the first to test it (Score 1) 91

Yeah unfortunately the summary is pretty bad (welcome to /.). It's obviously well known that there are non-circadian clocks in many plants and animals. When they say this is "first evidence for [the] clocks", they don't mean first evidence for their existence, but rather for a particular mechanism.

Comment Re:How much is that in shot glasses? (Score 2) 247

American reporters only use imperial units. If you don't translate for them, they nearly always mess up the conversion. As far as that failed orbital maneuver, it was the defense contractor that use imperial units.

Um, no, definitely not. Very few people in the US use imperial units. They tend to use US customary units. If you used imperial units, especially when talking volume, you'll confuse the heck out of everyone, since that's one of the areas where US customary units are quite different from imperial units.

Comment Re:Excessive greed. (Score 1) 112

Of course there's personal gain involved. But calling someone greedy for not taking out a loan when they don't need to, thus avoid paying interest, is kinda stupid. Especially so when you call it "excessive" greed. Yes, he did this at least in part to not have to pay investors back with interest for the money they lent. And I, just today, bought a computer with money out of my pocket rather than agreeing to the stores financing plan. Calling me *excessively* greedy for not taking out a loan when I didn't need to just just moronic...

CR figured out how to fund his game without taking investor loans. Good on him. Calling that "excessive greed" is stupidity writ large...

Comment Re:Excessive greed. (Score 5, Informative) 112

Ergo, creative control. He never acted as if it was outrageous that investors want something for their money, that's an interesting bit of fantasy on your part. He merely noted that this does create constraints that can interfere with making a good game (there's a few dozen examples you can hear about if you actually follow the discussions among the game developers -- CR tends to be vague, but some of his employees that worked with him at Digital Anvil and other previous projects can be quite specific and biting at times about the interference they've gotten from publishers in the past).

Comment Re:Wrong? (Score 1) 665

Actually, [control]-[reset] did not necessarily reboot an Apple II; it would usually break you to a prompt, although it could be programmed to perform a reboot (most games that didn't want you dropping to a prompt and messing around would do this). To guarantee a reboot, though, regardless of the program running, you had to hit [open apple]-[control]-[reset]. Thus, Apple II had its own "three-finger salute", although on the IIc with it's reset button on the left instead of the right, you could do it with one hand and some of us would refer to it as a "Vulcan nerve pinch".

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