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Comment Welp (Score -1) 240

I'm gonna go ahead and play fortune tell here: The Government passes a bunch of privacy violating cyber laws Everyone thinks its great for a day or two, then forgets all about it. A Republican gets elected down the road a year or four Everything is business as usual Some kind of scandal or some other such nonsense happens Everyone blames the Republican and calls him a fascist Rinse and repeat.

Comment You can't be serious (Score -1) 1134

'If it is there, it should just be there for the IT people or tech support to use when you encounter a problem.'" Ahahahahaha.. Oh wait, you're serious? Let me laugh harder. I, for one, fix my problems myself with a little googling and occasionally some help from my home-dawgs on irc, I don't need Apoo to fix anything for me. This is the kind of thing that's ruining everything for those of us who know what we're doing and want to learn more about how things work inside. If Linux distros got rid of the command line, I would.. well.. I would switch to *BSD.

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