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Comment Thank you (Score 1) 148

I've played the DotA Allstars, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends (briefly and for good reason), and currently play DotA2.

  • Frequent updates to better gameplay/balance mechanics - Thank you
  • New material that adds new dynamics to the game - Thank you
  • Pretty solid integrity with regards to original DotA - Thank you
  • A game that rarely if ever takes more than 75 mins to play a game - Thank you
  • Such diversity that no two games are ever the same - Thank you
  • Servers for different regions around the world - Thank y.... You don't have a Brazilian server!?!? What were you thinking?!

Comment Easiest solution (Score 1) 487

We are so worried about our accounts being hacked and at the same time not remembering our passwords. Put a sticky note under your desk or in some easily retrievable (but not moronically easy to find) location. The likely-hood that someone breaks into your computer and steals stuff is much higher than someone breaking into your house and stealing your passwords and computer (given the amount of respective time required for each). Also, if someone breaks into your house, they probably aren't looking for your Facebook password... Or I could be wrong and just blowing smoke outta my ass.

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