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Comment Re:And where does it say this? (Score 1) 257

That position has its merit, but the comparison isn't quite apples and oranges. An ancient version of Norton isn't really equivalent to Firefox having new updates available. Especially if whatever grandkid installed Firefox enabled the auto-update. The continued updates are going to be more secure than the older version granny would be stuck with, even if the underlying OS or the virus scanner are still insecure and old.

Submission + - RIAA wants 21 sites shut down in piracy axe fall ( 1

souperfly writes: The has a list of 21 sites that the RIAA is looking to get shutdown by ISPs this week. The list includes sites filestube, Bomb-Mp3, Mp3skull, Bitsnoop, Extratorrent, Torrenthound, Torrentreactor and Monova, and at least one ISP — Virgin Media in the UK — has confirmed the number of targetted sites.

Before it was thought that only six sites were lined up for a chop.

Submission + - Microsoft warns Windows XP is six times less secure than Windows 8 (

TinTops writes: Businesses still running XP should switch to Windows 8 as soon as possible, as Microsoft details its own findings into the relative security of its operating systems:

"If you look at the infection rate on Windows systems you can see older versions are infected more than newer machines. Windows XP is six-times more likely to be infected than Windows 8, even though it has the same malware encounter rate," said Mike Reavey, GM of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, at the RSA Conference in Amsterdam.

He added: "The downward rate is a sign of secure development practices," he said. "In pretty much every service in Microsoft we have people devoted purely on security, focused on what's going on in the marketplace and what's needed to secure it."

Comment Re:Because it's a terrible hardship... (Score 1) 365

As best I can tell, the main market for such a device would be keeping your phone in your backpack and letting the watch do all the interface work. I certainly don't have the need for such a device, but I could see some value for commuters. Until they get out a tablet and piss all over the idea that the watch is useful.

Comment Re:And where does it say this? (Score 1) 257

Unlike Microsoft, there's no incentive for these projects to drop XP until the number of users gets too low to justify continued development. I'm phasing it out of the office before the EOL, but that doesn't mean home users will. Microsoft wants users to buy newer versions of their products.

Free software projects supporting XP or not supporting XP is a matter of providing your users with what they will actually use. As long as enough XP users are using Firefox, Mozilla has no reason to drop it. Microsoft's decisions are basically irrelevant to that decision except in their effect on OS market share.

Comment Re:They are still damn overpriced (Score 4, Insightful) 241

"Normally the ODM also designs the laptop while the vendor just provides the specs and requirements, so I'm not even sure if Apple even designs the Macbooks."

You may not be sure, but the rest of us are. Like all Macs the Macbook carries the typical "Designed in California by Apple" tag. For all the faults of Apple, having "generic/beige box" design is not one of them. Also, I disagree that it is "pointless" arguing build quality based on brand name. Different brands spec different quality components to the ODMs and the spec is really quite detailed. Obviously some problems and merits are inherit in each ODM and clearly have a large impact on the outcome, but the Brand clearly has a say in quality.

Comment Re:Silencing the Press (Score 1) 431

Have you got a citation for that? It would be very interesting (but not surprising) if true. I mean, Rep Peter King is/was a full-blown supporter of the IRA and actually sits in fucking Congress, where he actually was chairman of a homeland security committee. So there is precedent. But I couldn't find anything with the obvious keyword searches.

Comment Initiate Flame Thrower (Score 4, Insightful) 453

Hmm. Journalism Degree. Work for minimum wage (or less) for your entire career. Waiters make more money than you. CS degree, sixty grand a year right out of school, most of them will be making at least six digits long before the end of their career. I enjoy being an exceptionally dull weirdo. How's journalism treating you?

Comment Re:Riiiiiight... (Score 1) 116

I guess one of my points is that I don't believe there is a "we, the FOSS community". I used to think so, but now there seems to be nothing but a swarm of multiple contingents jockeying for position to further their project, and dumping on the other projects. I suppose it was ever thus, really. In any case, it guarantees that FOSS goes nowhere.

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