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Comment Disaster waiting to happen (Score -1) 221

This was a disaster waiting to happen. Google tried to go from 0 to 60 in their android development, and did not properly consider the ramifications of their design decisions. Now we have
1) an insecure OS that provides all sorts of information to any app
2) unfiltered app stores that allow any malware to be posted and purchased
3) poorly designed NFC system.

As a result,, ALL NFC systems are less safe thanks to these android design decisions. Way to go, Goog.

Comment Re:I'm excited (Score -1) 414

I agree... I have an lg optimus V on VMo which is okay but nothing too special. it's slow and makes calls. I hate the app store and don't trust it not to get malware. one of the programs i downloaded is a game called "plumber" in which you align pipes to move water from start to finish... it has banner ads that are apparently tied to keywords... because all of the ads are for plumbing supplies! targeted advertising ftw!

Comment good luck to google (Score 0) 198

I'm not surprised that they're going to 7" because they need to get out of the ipad shadow. it's a couple reasons - 1) they can't achieve comparable quality at the same price point as the ipad, 2) apple has gobbled up all the components.

The problem is that in the fall apple is releasing an ipad mini which will dominate the 7" space as well. if google is true to form then their announcement this evening will be "look what we're releasing in a couple months" while apple is usually "look what is now available at the apple store."

so in short, good luck to google because i know people there and they try real hard, but they're going to need it!

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