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Comment Re:But... (Score 2) 295

This Google experiment proves that you can build a self driving car who can drive safely for thousands of miles on actual public roads. Yes, there are some additional conditions which are not practical (like the driving the path manually before to record a precise map), but it has been done.

Most drivers are not very much 'observing', I just read somewhere that the Blackberry outage caused vehicle accidents to drop by 20-40% in some Gulf states. Observing drivers, Ha !

Just compare how many accidents are caused by trees falling onto the street compared to texting.

The biggest problems to solve are the cultural, legal and liability issues.


Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 295

I'm very much in favor of my car driving instead of me. I'm sure it will drive safer and better. For me the daily commute is a chore and I'd be very happy to leave it to a machine.

I'm sure there will be viruses/sabotage. But I'm also sure human drives cause more accidents than viruses/sabotage will.


Comment Re:end of the HDD (Score 1) 253

> Even if you decided to maintain a VM system, the idea of a unified storage system (DRAM+DISK as one device) is pretty fascinating.

You can buy this from IBM since >20 years. It is called 'System/38', 'AS/400' or 'iSeries'. The system has a flat 64-bit address space and memory essentially serves as cache for disk.


Comment Such projects are based on estimations (Score 1) 36

Such projects are always based on estimated performance numbers. It looks to me like the estimated (and contractually signed) target performance was higher than what IBM could deliver in the budget envelope and the target timeframe. Probably the technology advance was not delivering as expected. As the U of Illinois was not ready to soften on some aspects to make it fit IBM had the choice of either delivering much more hardware at a loss or to pull out.

From my (limited) search it looks like the project was signed in 2008, so back then IBM estimated they can deliver a PetaFLOP for $200M in 2011. It looks like they were wrong.

I witnessed similar situation where the machine could deliver the promised performance using a benchmarking program, but real apps were unable to get to similar numbers. Improving the software stack made the performance available to apps, but it took 2 years to get there. The hardware was performing well, but immature software was spoiling it.


Comment Re:Duh? (Score 4, Insightful) 119

That is exactly what will not happen.

The ones who should tell their Customers about the problem is Siemens. But they will play the problem down because it might affect the sales of the next batch of stuff.

The evil hacker will just buy a bunch of systems, analyze it and find the vulnerabilities. This completely independent of the disclosure. Stuxnet was developed before this disclosure and I think the vulnerabilities used by Stuxnet are still there.

This is why security by obscurity does not work in the real world.

Comment Re:Linux already runs on thousands of cores (Score 1) 462

I don't know about SGI, but I do know that the biggest AIX/Power7 box you can get today has 256 cores (32 chips with 8 cores each). I know there was kernel work involved but the scaling problems I remember mentioned involved the number threads (1024) as the P7 core has 4-way multithreading.

The Linux certainly may need work for such machines, but a new operating system ? bullshit.

Comment None of them, complemented with Flash (Score 2, Insightful) 379

Use standard HTML for as much as possible. Complement the rest with flash.

If you choose Silverlight you'll exclude automatically all platforms which are not Windows mainstream (Vista and 7). Flash is well supported about everywhere.

I'm typing this on a Ubuntu workstation with Chrome. No Silverlight available here.

Comment 4 Channels, Color, LA (Score 1) 337

You don't post any specific minimal specs you need, so here what I'd want for my lab:

  • Four channels, quite often two channels are a bit short
  • Color, with four channels color helps a lot to identify the signals
  • DSO, goes without mention
  • Computer-interface, mostly for screen shots to document and share
  • Built-in logic analyzer, many times you'll have a combination of analog and digital signals to watch

I've seen many intelligent discussion on about the topic Oscilloscope search on avrfreaks


Comment On my mobile phone (Score 5, Insightful) 87

I'd like that screen on my mobile phone. That's where I'd need a sunlight-readable, battery conserving display most. Most GPS functions only work outside due to feeble GPS signals, but at the same time the display become almost unreadable.

There are plenty of business opportunities and markets for Mary Lou to explore !


Comment Re:But what if I liked the application (Score 3, Informative) 509

On and Android Phone there is an application called 'Market' this application allow you to browse all applications on the google android market, install the ones you like, uninstall what you don't want any more, etc. In addition this application periodically checks with the server to see if there are new versions of your installed apps and offers to update those.

I suppose the market did check for the offending apps and found that they had the 'remove' flag set and removed them from the phone.

If you would have installed the same apps without market (downloading the apk file) the market would not know about them and leave them alone.


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