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Comment Re:Oh look! (Score 1) 646

You do know that Mint makes a decent amount of money via search referrals which is basically the same thing as this new Unity feature. And that's not enough income so they also persistently ask for donations. Would you rather have Amazon search results in your Dash (which can be useful and can easily be removed) or would you rather have Clem asking you for money when ever you visit the official distro website?

Linux Mint isn't any more of a non-profit than Canonical is. Both are companies that are trying to bring in enough income to pay a decent living wage to their employees, while still providing a bunch of free stuff to their users.

Comment Did you try GNOME Classic? (Score 3, Informative) 646

Or you could just install gnome-panel and choose GNOME Classic from the login screen. It's more similar to GNOME 2 since it's pretty much the same thing just with more bugfixes and a slightly tweaked UI to resemble GNOME Shell a little more. Oh, and you'll need to hold down the Alt key to modify the panels.

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