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Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 373

This proves the people are ready and fast enough to adapt to new technologies...corp, companies and organisations are not. This is what capitalism and bureaucracy is right now. It's not adapting fast enough. My little finger tells me bbc or some other cable company will say at the end of the olympic game "fukk, we could made billions by making people pay to see it online without making them pay others (ie: proxies and other 3rd party provider) to view the event... fffffuuuu"

Comment the best community (Score 1) 202

This proves that linux is the best community. They base most (if not all) of their decisions on their community rather than cash, corporatism or capitalism. I'm not saying the other community are bad but next to's hard to beat. Look at fedora, they fed team noticed a trend towards another desktop manage, they viewed it, they listened and they changed direction which I must say it pretty rare these days. I know some dev team work with themselves only and formed a closed group and base their decision based on the dev only and not the community unless the demand is getting excessive.

Comment Re:Dreamcast = worst console ever. (Score 1) 65

It gotten to be a turd only because the market was already saturated at that point. By the time the dreamcast went out, other consoles were already on the market. At best, the Dreamcast was just picking the leftovers of the pie for its share. Investors weren't satisfied so they had to back up. Today, when you release a console, you can either release it soon with a couple of games on your hand and hope the developers will pick it up and continue to release some games or...

you take a change of releasing the console after some others release it and at the same time, try to keep up the hype with some PR scheme and release lots of games after its release. The important part in a consoles life is after its release, devs, publishers and everyone else has to keep support the console to keep selling their crap. Nintendo figured that with the Wii console. Like it or not they've put all their money on that part because they targeted family and it worked.

Comment Re:The most used ten chords (Score 2) 576

expect a lot from them ? Really ? think about it, if you make small adjustments and selll the same music (or seems different but it's not) and you still make a fortune and it's working why change anything ? This might sound very negative or insulting but it's because people buy the same music that the music industry keep selling the same music after all. Why change the recipe when that same recipe is making millions in gotta be an idiot to change that. Just wait till the people stop buying the same music and problaby things will change but given the last stats. The recipe is really simple and the music industry got it figured out. Change the artist and some notes here and there and voila, you got yourself a superstar for a year or 2...maybe more it he/she shows some talent.

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