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Comment Violation of privacy (Score 1) 148

Isn't there any concerns about privacy with this ? I'm not really sure how the state or the USA works with this but here is some info on how the geolocation suppose to work if this is what they use anyway (not sure but should be).

4 Security and privacy considerations

The API defined in this specification is used to retrieve the geographic location of a hosting device. In almost all cases, this information also discloses the location of the user of the device, thereby potentially compromising the user's privacy. A conforming implementation of this specification must provide a mechanism that protects the user's privacy and this mechanism should ensure that no location information is made available through this API without the user's express permission.

Comment Re:No micro manages or quotes with NO TPS reports (Score 1) 239

Email could be a good thing but in my experience since I'm working in a big office emails are easy to lose track. Lots of people don't read emails or don't take time to read them efficiently unfortunately. Also, some people might say that "Well i emailed you that meeting review so if you didn't read it it's your fault". That might be very true but the end results are the same, they didn't read the email so theres lots of potential important info that might be lost. IMO, just try emails like you said and if it works, stick with it but if it doesn't change quicky.

Comment Re:ideas and what your boss knows (Score 3) 239

Forgot to tell but this is kind of a hard one to do but seriously helps the company and you. Try to know what your bosses clients wants and needs that way you as an employee can start gaining the neccessary knowledge you need. Lets face it, you could get the kind of boss that if you don't have the required knowledge you can get fired and he can hire someone else right away or can start licencing work elsewhere and in the end, that's less work for you or it can be very risky for employees.

Just for example, if your boss clients wants to work with java but you don't know it and lets say (not saying thats the situation right now) the market is beginning to demand it then you might start working on java.

Comment ideas and what your boss knows (Score 3) 239

Don't be afraid to tell your boss about it. It might save your ass or make you work longer. It also helps a lot to know what your boss knows in terms of contracts, clients. Trying to know about your company really helps as you know if it performs or not. That way you know if you have to look elsewhere or not.

Comment Re:No micro manages or quotes with NO TPS reports (Score 4, Insightful) 239

But meetings do serve a good purpose in a company like the plans on what to do next, whats going on right now, the reports, all those things a boss and other employees can communicate to each other when they don't have time. Meetings do serve that purpose and others like acting as a guide or a light in a big ocean as it's very easy to lose track. Taking 30-60 minutes per week minimum can help a company a lot since most of the time they work and don't have time to talk to each other. Just don't have too many since employee might get pissed off and demoralized by it.

Comment Re:Hasn't this been done before? (Score 2) 92

It tells it on their link here in the article. I'm pretty amazed by this...seems like a very good thing.

In the first experiment, nine bathroom tile-based batteries were connected in parallel. One was topped with a solar cell that converted power from a white laboratory light. When fully charged by both the solar panel and house current, the batteries alone powered a set of light-emitting diodes that spelled out “RICE” for six hours; the batteries provided a steady 2.4 volts.

The researchers reported that the hand-painted batteries were remarkably consistent in their capacities, within plus or minus 10 percent of the target. They were also put through 60 charge-discharge cycles with only a very small drop in capacity, Singh said.

Comment Not like Minitel but... (Score 1) 137

I loved the time I spent on BBS's. One of the reasons is that BBS's that I visited had a message board which allowed you to communicate with other fellow geeks around you. Sure it wasn't as big and complete as Minitel but there was what I needed so that was fine (online games like L.O.R.D, message board with fidonet, files and more)

Comment Re:WOOOOO! (Score 1) 128

Most of the time professions are just time gathering games which is an excuse to make you play the game longer and more. Blizzard told so about their profession system when wow was out. It does make sense when you have a monthly subscription and you have to keep your payers busy. Nothing wrong with that but if GW2 is making it fun that it's a really good thing compared to other known games.

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