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Comment Re:An old saying. (Score 1) 443

Yes, and the people have accepted that process of corruption of power for so long now, that they are filled with fear for the government (which indicates a state of tyranny), instead that the government fears the people (which would have meant democracy).
I think it was Jack Otto who said: "The land will only be 'of the free' for as long as it's the home of the brave."

The more the government is flexing its muscles in civic areas, the more the civilians should cling to the second amendment.
And requiring licensing to have the right to bear arms *is* already the infringement of a right that 'should not be infringed upon'.

Comment Re:Pirate??? (Score 1) 656

Because he was weak?

You should find out whether you are a psychopath. Your response strongly indicated that you are. If so, there are a number of high risks that you face that are not present in sane human beings. Understanding them helps with avoiding them.


Comment Re:no personal tie (Score 2) 656

Any executioner trying to put someone behind bars for 35 years, only for distributing non-copyrighted information that should have been free in the first place, is 'going personal'.
Prosecutors damn well know how to contribute to, or even create a 'suicidal condition in someone', but some don't give a shit because they are paid for it.

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