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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score -1) 146

This seems less about a forced court order they didn't want to comply with and more about the tyrannical douche-bag Steve Jobs no longer being around to control them.

Now as to why the article is meant to make them bad when they are in fact bad, but not in this case - I welcome even the craziest of black helicopter touting tin foil hat wearing people to comment on.

Comment Re:How convenient (Score -1) 1128

It's not about conservatives disliking homosexuals - most of us in fact do not give a damn one way or another who wants to stick what where and with whom, it's not our business. The issue is more with the trend in global warming to falsify information and base results on faulty models - typically to support liberal political philosophies. Science isn't suppose to be capable of corruption, it has increasingly become more so over the past several decades.

Comment Re:Richard Feynman (Score 0) 107

So if the many-worlds interpretation makes it easier to think about the research you’re doing in April, and the Copenhagen interpretation makes it easier to think about the research you’re doing in June, the Copenhagen interpretation is not going to smite you for praying to the many-worlds interpretation.

Well of course not, the many-worlds interpretation will smite you for praying to the copenhagen interpretation - April --> June. I can't stand people that play on semantics to make an argument.

Comment Re:Who Cares, Its None of Your Business (Score -1) 62

...said the underpaid, overworked Chinese web sensor as he enters his 13th consecutive hour of erasing individual thought from his cubicle in smoky, windowless Beijing office.

I agree - it is absurd these fucking liberals have taken the right to smoke in public buildings away from us - even the Chinese can do that.

Comment Re:Completely inexplicable... (Score -1) 618

What I remember from thermodynamics when I took it with Newton: pumping energy (heat) into system making it go all kaflooey. Hotter and colder and then even colder to outrageously hot.

Nope, obviously a conspiracy on the part on those people who wrote the laws of thermodynamics in order to eventually tax us and hand over our God given sovereignty to the UN!

Or a conspiracy in your head - aside from taking physics with someone called "Newton" - having no person of note by the name _alive_ before now in the span of the oldest living Human's life - and somehow taking an interpretation from him which lies on the assumption of a read maxwell's demon - I'd go with "it's in your head, hippy" in conjunction with "they compared March this year to April of previous years for a reason and your dumb ass ignored the month chosen entirely"

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