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Comment Re:Sustainable? (Score 1) 328

Monsanto is quite relevant here. It appears you're trying to be funny and failing, or you're entirely unfamiliar with Monsanto's history of claiming ownership over genetic sequences of living organisms and couldn't be bothered to review the material provided at the link above, or you have financial interest of some fashion in Monsanto and are attempting to halt conversation on the topic. Which is it?

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 82

"The ACCC will further seek injunctions, penalties, costs, and a five-year disqualification for Brown and Samuel from operating a company."

I'm sure they'll just have some other entities operate various things for them if that comes to pass. If various guys can manage regional organized crime and gang business from prison, surely they fellows can arrange to have strings pulled on their behalf as free men.

Comment Re:Ah, now the delays make sense (Score -1, Troll) 223

Yes. Panama was under United States control at the time of his birth, and he is a born United States citizen. Both his father and grandfather were admirals in the United States Navy, and he rose to the rank of Captain in a military career that included over five years as a prisoner of war. He was tortured repeatedly by the NVA during that time. Where exactly the fuck are you from, and what the fuck have you done with your life?

Comment Re:Ah, now the delays make sense (Score 1) 223

I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. My wife and I understood one another when we married, meaning she understood the fact that I am willing to give my life for for both my family and my principles. There's a certain relationship between those factors when you have children, and if you already have one or more but still don't understand what I'm talking about, I probably can't help you. I also served in the US Navy. Have you served in either a military or civil capacity? I may work as a systems engineer now, but my principles have not changed. Are you a coward?

Comment Re:Make him run the Marathon (Score 1) 773

It's very easy to hold the view that others are more intelligent when they happen to agree with your view. Five minutes of research for even mildly controversial views in many fields will yield lists of people who hold advanced degrees from prestigious institutions and have impeccable post-graduate/doctoral professional credentials, but somehow many of these people frequently disagree with one another. Perhaps you should take your blinders off and recognize the fact that blanket statements applied to highly complex topic don't tend to hold much water.

Comment Re:OVH.ca (Score 1) 112

No, it's not awful advice, but your advice is pretty bad. MTR is a great tool for certain situations, most notably internal troubleshooting as an initial sanity check, but it frequently fails to provide meaningful insights into issues beyond many local networks for exactly the reasons I outlined above. Attempting to appeal to your experience here fails, as mine exceeds yours.

If you're not monitoring services and you don't have access to internal stats for the server (frequently VM these days) hosting the service, including at a minimum memory, disk IO, and CPU utilization, you're poorly equipped to explain most real world outages. When dealing with production environments more complicated than Bob's Blog that gets 100 hits a day, countless examples abound for cases where things in a given network path, including the destination, will happily respond to ICMP while the services you actually care about are flailing about while a server OOMs, runs out of disk on a critical volume, suffers from a badly executed code push from some half ass dev team that takes out a web app, poorly constructed SQL queries take minutes to return data, a marketing campaign succeeds but nobody bothered to tell IT that resources should be scaled up to support increased traffic, etc. Do you actually have any experience with that level of monitoring? Your post suggests you do not, and if I were your employer I'd can you as soon as I discovered that fact. You're espousing an overly simplistic and unreliable means of monitoring IT environments, but please feel free to continue your willful ignorance (read: stupidity) so long as you don't mislead others.

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