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Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 1103

It should be noted that the majority of Costco locations are non-union, and QuikTrip and In-N-Out Burger are entirely non-union companies. You're right about them paying significantly better wages and benefits than many other companies in their respective markets, and I like the service provided by employees at all three.

Comment Re:1 2 3 4 I declare flame war (Score 1) 976

Since you keep making sweeping and ridiculous statements, you should probably cite case law to support your position. The problem here is simply that you are the one who doesn't give a damn what the actual law is in any given jurisdiction, and this actually varies substantially across the United States. Go ahead and cite your sources, and I'll gladly reply with plenty of cases where self defense using a gun against an unarmed assailant was considered justified. In short, you're trying to convince others that your fantasy world is reality. Grow up.

Comment Re:network ignorance (Score 1) 331

This response sums of much of what I would have said, and I'll augment it with a note that your perspective on what has been long known versus what is acknowledged in public is exceptionally naive. The only treason happening here is that of our government against its own people, and therefore against itself. As for the United States doing anything to significantly reduce the headcount for private contractors acting in intelligence roles, you're once again demonstrating your ignorance of reality; the majority of this nation's intelligence apparatus is indeed made up of private contractors these days. Welcome to the 90s.

Russia and China have plenty of secrets, just like every other sizable nation on the planet. Nations don't tend to be willing to give their secrets to anyone. That's not how it works. Please do try to grow up and enhance your knowledge of these concerns before accusing others of lack of sophistication in their views. Have a great day in the meantime.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 133

In Atlassian's case, usage of their products is actually about as widespread as it appears. I say this from a lot of firsthand knowledge with installing, configuring, and managing their products in a lot of environments.

What exactly do you mean when you say "locked down server?" Unless you mean "disconnected from the Internet and/or sitting behind a NAT gateway that requires additional authentication via a VPN or other means to traverse," this sort of vulnerability doesn't depend on anything more than having the product(s) accessible to an attacker over a network connection.

Comment Re:network ignorance (Score 5, Informative) 331

What they're referring to is blocking of site access on NIPRNet, which is the "unclass" side of US military network operations, but is still subject to additional scrutiny and a strict requirement that no information that has been classified be stored on connected systems. This is standard protocol bordering on the boring for office communications in the military, and is absolute non-news.

Nobody is actively working (well, okay, not openly working) to restrict communications viewed by active duty DoD personnel on their personal computers while utilizing Internet connections not-uplinked-in-the-barracks-or-other-stupid-places-where-you-know-your-traffic-is-being-logged-shipmate. Military personnel are keenly aware that they face serious legal penalties for improperly accessing and or disseminating classified materials. This is not difficult to understand.

It's worth noting that in this particular case, I firmly believe Snowden acted as a patriot and is absolutely not the traitor he's being painted as by the administration and various members of Congress. I say this as a former service member myself (Navy) who also held a TS/SCI clearance. This young man exposed wholesale disregard for our Constitution on a massive scale, and it's been happening at an increasing pace for about twenty years. I ardently hope he finds asylum somewhere safe.

Comment Attention, mods. (Score 1) 243

The parent post is an outstanding example of mods failing to read more than a handful of words into a post before modding it "+1 Insightful." In fact, the parent post is breathtakingly stupid in its utter failure to even demonstrate an understanding of which organization was responsible for the textual change at hand. To mods active now who are endowed with reading comprehension skills, please mod the parent post down.

Comment Re::3 (Score 1) 814

I think you've reacted a bit harshly, and certainly with a high degree of ego, to the GP. My reading of the post chain doesn't actually accuse you of being a troll, but points out how someone might draw that conclusion in haste. Perhaps you should slow down a tad and engage that self-touted ability to think on your own before replying again.

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