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Comment Re:network ignorance (Score 1) 331

This response sums of much of what I would have said, and I'll augment it with a note that your perspective on what has been long known versus what is acknowledged in public is exceptionally naive. The only treason happening here is that of our government against its own people, and therefore against itself. As for the United States doing anything to significantly reduce the headcount for private contractors acting in intelligence roles, you're once again demonstrating your ignorance of reality; the majority of this nation's intelligence apparatus is indeed made up of private contractors these days. Welcome to the 90s.

Russia and China have plenty of secrets, just like every other sizable nation on the planet. Nations don't tend to be willing to give their secrets to anyone. That's not how it works. Please do try to grow up and enhance your knowledge of these concerns before accusing others of lack of sophistication in their views. Have a great day in the meantime.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 133

In Atlassian's case, usage of their products is actually about as widespread as it appears. I say this from a lot of firsthand knowledge with installing, configuring, and managing their products in a lot of environments.

What exactly do you mean when you say "locked down server?" Unless you mean "disconnected from the Internet and/or sitting behind a NAT gateway that requires additional authentication via a VPN or other means to traverse," this sort of vulnerability doesn't depend on anything more than having the product(s) accessible to an attacker over a network connection.

Comment Re:network ignorance (Score 5, Informative) 331

What they're referring to is blocking of site access on NIPRNet, which is the "unclass" side of US military network operations, but is still subject to additional scrutiny and a strict requirement that no information that has been classified be stored on connected systems. This is standard protocol bordering on the boring for office communications in the military, and is absolute non-news.

Nobody is actively working (well, okay, not openly working) to restrict communications viewed by active duty DoD personnel on their personal computers while utilizing Internet connections not-uplinked-in-the-barracks-or-other-stupid-places-where-you-know-your-traffic-is-being-logged-shipmate. Military personnel are keenly aware that they face serious legal penalties for improperly accessing and or disseminating classified materials. This is not difficult to understand.

It's worth noting that in this particular case, I firmly believe Snowden acted as a patriot and is absolutely not the traitor he's being painted as by the administration and various members of Congress. I say this as a former service member myself (Navy) who also held a TS/SCI clearance. This young man exposed wholesale disregard for our Constitution on a massive scale, and it's been happening at an increasing pace for about twenty years. I ardently hope he finds asylum somewhere safe.

Comment Attention, mods. (Score 1) 243

The parent post is an outstanding example of mods failing to read more than a handful of words into a post before modding it "+1 Insightful." In fact, the parent post is breathtakingly stupid in its utter failure to even demonstrate an understanding of which organization was responsible for the textual change at hand. To mods active now who are endowed with reading comprehension skills, please mod the parent post down.

Comment Re::3 (Score 1) 814

I think you've reacted a bit harshly, and certainly with a high degree of ego, to the GP. My reading of the post chain doesn't actually accuse you of being a troll, but points out how someone might draw that conclusion in haste. Perhaps you should slow down a tad and engage that self-touted ability to think on your own before replying again.

Comment Re:It's started... (Score 1) 302

You know what? I've got my convictions for sure, but to hell with the original disagreement. I've been up all night watching over my youngest daughter; she spiked a 103F fever about 12 hours ago out of nowhere, and I rushed her to the ER with my wife as soon as she called me at the office. Your last comment hits home with me in terms of examining where I can do better on some things, and I apologize for my original profanity. Email sometime if you like.

Comment Re:It's started... (Score 1) 302

Troll, as you well know, you are the childish game player. I started by saying that Obama had not committed an impeachable offense - and he has not. I point to the reason and you respond with a well-thought out "fuck you," while accusing me of polluting the discourse. Look in the mirror, asshole!

The extrajudicial killing of an American citizen is absolutely an impeachable offense. I don't care if you don't like that, it doesn't change reality. Reference previous notes regarding our political climate for why nothing is likely to be done about it in the near future. Republicans are just as much to blame for this as any Democrat.

I've looked over your posting history and you are apparently a fossil-fuel apologist who denies global warming who only pulls Linus' shit-stained cock out of his mouth long enough to shout "FUCK YOU" at everyone who disagrees with you, especially concerning your beloved bitcoins.

That's hilarious. First off, Big Oil is a big problem. The practice (and it is very real) of essentially handing petroleum interests billions of USD worth of tax breaks/incentives/whatever-people-want-to-call-it-these-days is phenomenally poor policy. Second, global warming is a fact. I've never said it isn't, merely asked people running around screaming about whatever the flavor of the week pulp media talking heads are spouting off about to slow down and examine all available sources of information before adopting alarmist positions concerning outcomes and what's needed over say the next decade. That's a pretty far cry from being a global warming denier. I'd also be delighted if people would spend a little more time talking about kids starving under bridges instead of cozying up to debates on things they somehow find easier to talk about. I suppose you'd have to have reading comprehension skills to understand this, though. By the way, what's your carbon footprint, big guy?

Bitcoin, along with other novel developments in cryptocurrencies, is an interesting thing to think about and play with. I certainly do. I also care about other currencies, namely several examples that are by definition fiat. Again, you're probably just skimming some text and thinking "oh boy, I bet I can use this against him!" It didn't work out for you.

You think you're an expert on everything, saying you've been programming since 1988, yet are only 32. Newsflash: your playing with logo when you were 7 years old is not something to put on your resume, sonny boy.

Actually, my favorite language as a kid was C. Naturally, I played around with various BASIC dialects as well, but even with those there were things you simply couldn't do without what amounted to ASM routines expressed in hex, so I had to deal with that as well. It's amazing what kids can do when their parents don't artificially limit them. Speaking of kids...

Shave your neckbeard and move out of your mother's basement, dumbfuck with strong, but uninformed, opinions.

I moved out of my dad's house at 17. We couldn't get along back then, partially due to some older family history and partially due to problems between my stepmother and I at the time. Long story short, I've been working since then, and took my first professional programming position in Atlanta doing telecommunications coding for the platforms that drove VRU/IVR systems for BofA, SunTrust, etc when I was 18. It paid about 70K at the time. You're correct that I'm 32 now, and I'm happily married with a couple of beautiful kids. My total personal income is six figures, which permits my wife to stay at home with our children without us having to worry about money, which is nice. Incidentally, my military service was in the Navy, where I decided to walk away from a nice paying IT career and cut my income by about 60% in my mid twenties to serve my nation. What would you know about that?

For that matter, and I guess this goes back to the earlier points regarding the fossil fuels bit, I've spent quite a bit of time trying to help in local communities with things like volunteering at homeless shelters and other work. We have millions of people living in poverty in this nation, but folks like you are absolutely okay with yammering on about things that may or may not be an immediate issue for a hundred years. Have you ever held an infant that hadn't eaten for three days because his mom was homeless? I have, and it's not pretty. I guess it's too much to ask that people put some serious effort into looking at the problems we have right now in our society. It requires work and genuinely giving a shit about others instead of just saying you do, and many people don't generally seem terribly interested in either.

I know your type. You like to try to put people into nice little cliche boxes when they stand up to your idiocy. You're having serious trouble understanding how someone can possibly fail to view politics as the usual "favorite sports team" deal, and you're having an awfully hard time dealing with being called out on your games and cowardice. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if you carry on being an idiot? I suppose it doesn't. The bigger problem hits when it's a hundred million people walking around in virtually complete apathy, happy with their little notions about how simple things are and becoming increasingly willing to ignore massive civil liberties abuses because it isn't affecting them at the moment. You have a choice in that. Maybe you'll change.

If you're still interested in continuing this discussion, let's take it off list, since it's already horribly offtopic. You can reach me at philip.paradis@gmail.com.

Comment Re:It's started... (Score 1) 302

You're right, I'm not a lawyer. Oddly enough, however, I happen to have been party to face to face conversations with more than one assembly of attorneys discussing this very matter, and the consensus was strongly that the actions we're discussing are in fact illegal. Perhaps you haven't heard of the Due Process Clause; the actions under discussion absolutely represent arbitrary denial of the right to life and liberty.

This hasn't been challenged successfully because our political climate, which you're apparently in the habit of aggressively condoning, makes such a challenge prohibitively difficult at present. Justice Department rulings are also immensely different from court rulings as well, but if you think for one moment our courts are immune to the influence of the administration, you're a bigger fool than I thought. The shit Holder has managed to get away with is appalling in its breadth, rivaled perhaps only by some of his predecessors in terms of mass infringement upon civil liberties (Patriot Act, creation of the TSA, etc). I suppose that's okay with you, though, since you aren't directly impacted by it in ways resembling a cruise missile converting your body into red mist. More on that in a bit.

I vehemently opposed many of Bush's policies, as I oppose many of Obama's. Hell, I didn't even vote for Bush in his second term, realizing fully that I had screwed up the first time. I also served this nation in the military; I suspect your closest recent contact with an armed services uniform would probably have been in a thrift store.

As far as childish games go, you're the one playing them, straight from the start. You simply cannot discuss a matter like an adult and deal with it straight without polluting the discourse with tired old cliches about what some other guy did, or by casting aspersions on someone's views via implied affiliation with an opposing political faction. That makes you a fucking dumbass, and you're an outright coward for lacking the spine to stand up and oppose actions which directly contravene the principles we as a nation are supposed to hold so dear. So, in sum, fuck off again.

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