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Comment Re: That's not news (Score 1) 393

But does it really seem like that much of a stretch to say that a single high pressure multiple choice test is a worse indicator of ability than a larger number of lower pressure tests?

A larger number of lower pressure tests, as you refer to them, occur throughout the school year as students progress through studies on various topics.

I believe you are supporting a fad that has outlived any semblance of credibility, and serves only as a distraction from legitimate issues faced by educators. Then again, I'm 32 years old, so perhaps I'm too old to "get it." I will note that standardized testing was a key aspect of my primary schooling, and I distinctly recall being able to roughly predict how fellow students would perform on such tests by simply applying what I knew about their actual level of knowledge on any given subject. Yes, I was a "strange kid" who spent far more time in school libraries and public libraries than in classrooms, but the bulk of my classroom time was spent tutoring other students.

You are advised to research alternate sources (and cite them in the future) for further data.

Comment Re:Ummm... (Score 3, Insightful) 146

Transmitting passwords in cleartext over email is an absolutely terrible practice, and is only made slightly worse by doing so when account holders may not realize anything has happened and thus may be significantly delayed in visiting their accounts to change their passwords once again.

Comment Re:Smart guns... (Score 1) 814

Bad choices made by others are not my problem, but sure, here we go anyhow:

irresponsible citizens in any occupation in a dick-waving contest or just because they hate people

Those people can go to prison or have their lives terminated in an encounter with a responsible, armed citizen. Not my problem unless such an irresponsible individual wants to make it my problem.

Or thought they saw a burglar

Funny you should mention that, I've actually confronted a man in my backyard at night who had no business being there. Yes, I confronted him with a gun, and he decided to jump the fence and leave. Good choice on his part.

Or got depressed and ate the gun before loved ones had a chance to intervene

I'm a firm believer in an individual's right to die when and how they see fit. What gives you the right to say otherwise? Also, someone intent on dying isn't going to magically give up on the concept because they don't have access to a firearm.

Or walked into a club with the gun in the waistband of their sweats

Given the fact that criminals by definition do not obey the law, there's not a lot you or I are going to do about this one. If a private establishment has proper signage indicating their preference for "no weapons on premises," (which may be required depending on the jurisdiction in question, and most ">50% alcohol sales" establishments default to "no guns allowed" by applicable state law) I'm fine with them asserting that legal right on their private properly, but I probably won't visit their business as a consequence. We all make choices, which brings up personal responsibility yet again.

Or left the gun in the nightstand where their 4 year old could find it

It happens, although such occurrences are rare. It is tragic when it does occur, and parents need to held legally responsible. I advocate for prison terms in such cases. Personal responsibility again; you're not going to save everyone from everything without turning the entire nation into a surveillance and police state. Stop trying.

Just curious, with 30,000 gun homicides per year in the U.S. (the majority of those suicides) which do you think is more prevalent

There are ample references to the Bureau of Labor Statistics studies above which discuss the thousands of instances where firearms are used in defense against assault and other crimes. Or are you okay with seeing your loved ones robbed, raped, and murdered?

I'm truly looking forward to your reply.

Comment Re:Smart guns... (Score 1) 814

You don't get it. I'm responsible for my safety and that of my wife and children. I'm not responsible for the acts of criminals, but I am perfectly willing to use lethal force in defense of what I hold dear. Have fun trying to take responsibility for others; you'll likely find your time in short supply as a result, or is it in fact the case that you don't expect to have any personal involvement and responsibility in such a pursuit?

In short, it well and truly doesn't matter what you think. Your view doesn't affect my ability to carry a weapon and use it if need be. Have a great day, though!

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