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Comment Re:Somebody please explain... (Score 1) 80

Maybe it's an erroneous interpretation of the acronym TPMS, which is supposed to mean tire-pressure monitoring system. Alternately, it might be some new term meant to introduce tire pressure as a third metric for standard monitoring, in addition to oil and brake fluid pressure levels.

Comment Re:Tried to Sign Up, Already Frustrated (Score 1) 644

A consultant, eh? I've run a consulting firm of my own. I'm not talking about my company in particular, either. Instead, I'm referring to the great many places I've seen both good and bad password management practices being employed. The difference between us in reference to the latter case is the fact that I've helped people find simple tools that would solve simple problems like these, thus preventing further issues down the road.

It's disturbing that you would attempt to use your work history as a consultant to reinforce (yet again) acceptance of bad information security practices. Perhaps your clients needed someone a bit more informed to help those in the trenches, and it makes me wonder what other bad practices you've spread around over the years.

Comment Re:Tried to Sign Up, Already Frustrated (Score 1) 644

Oh, the real world? Would that be the real world where multiple floors worth of offices at a company have employees using sound password management practices, frequently utilizing tools just like the ones I and others have pointed out?

Listen to yourself. You're trying to cover up for your own inability to take simple information security measures with baseless appeals to your imaginary view of what the world is like. You are dispensing security advice by attempting to continue to push that view, essentially making the case that it's perfectly normal and reasonable to continue doing stupid things because, hey, you do those stupid things.

Maybe the people around you share your attitude, but I assure you it isn't universal. So now you have a choice: either continue being ignorant and lazy, or do something useful with yourself and help those around you as well.

Comment Re:Tried to Sign Up, Already Frustrated (Score 1) 644

Based on comments like yours, you're not not a normal human being. You are a lazy human being. Normal people might ask "gee, how might I solve this problem?" Instead, you're adopting the "oh no, it's too hard" attitude.

I've been working with normal people who manage to memorize multiple passwords for fifteen years. They aren't programmers, either, although some people are naturally better at this than others. For those who have a lot of passwords to manage, there are a wealth of options available, including things like KeepPass, Password Safe, and many others. There are "local only" options, online options, portable options, etc.

Again, your fundamental problem is that you're lazy, and you're encouraging others to be lazy and adopt terrible security practices. Stop dispensing security advice, and stop attempting to speak for what others can or can't handle.

Comment Re:Tried to Sign Up, Already Frustrated (Score 1) 644

It just so happens that I use one of those characters in my standard secure password.

Why are you using the same password (or even very similar passwords) on multiple sites, especially for sites that involve sensitive personal healthcare and financial data? Are you aware that this very practice is the source of greatly increased rates of personal information compromise and identity theft, as compromising one set of credentials makes it much easier to access other systems? Further, are you aware that you're rolling the dice every time you create an account anywhere when it comes to whether the password you supply will even be properly hashed? Have you managed to entirely miss the nastier cases involving large organizations storing passwords in plaintext, or using deeply flawed hashing measures (outdated/weak algorithms, failing to use salt, etc) that fall to analysis within seconds?

With practices like yours, why are you dispensing security advice?

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