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Comment Re: Data Security Officer (Score 1) 192

By the way, thanks for the added laughs per your attempt to reframe this discussion as "anonymising" versus "encrypting." You'd get a few charity points for sophomoric debate tactics if the subject matter were a bit less serious in nature, but that particular bit of commentary is indeed nothing more than a juvenile attempt at diverting attention from the matters at hand. Try again.

Comment Re: Data Security Officer (Score 1) 192

Are you confirming shipment of the book (along with a couple of other volumes) to Delft University of Technology in your care? I found it odd that even an undergraduate at such an institution would not already have access to such material, but perhaps all university copies are already on loan to other students. As an aside, you appear to be lacking the capacity to distinguish emphasis borne of extreme frustration from certain pathological afflictions. You should work on that.

Comment Re: Data Security Officer (Score 1) 192

Dude, msauve's proposed methodology is indeed tragically flawed, and you clearly haven't read the balance of the posts in this thread. Why are you so resistant to refutation of bad crypto advice? Are you positioned to benefit from deterministic systems which are advertised as cryptographically sound?

Comment Re:Anti-Competitive (Score 4, Informative) 69

I'm sincerely apprehensive about potential outcomes associated with Google becoming a domain registrar, but I'm accepting reversal of the mod points I've expended thus far on this story to strenuously object to to the thoughtcrime-based insinuation made in the following excerpt:

There is no way to prove that Google won't give priority indexing to domains it registers.

This is the logical equivalent to a forward-looking conviction on the same premises as Glenn Beck Raped and Murdered a Young Girl in 1990.

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