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Comment Re:How else do I protect my forms (Score 1) 558

Millions of people are stupid enough to buy prescription medications of highly dubious origins and formulation from spammers. Every now and again you'll see a news piece about some idiot winding up hospitalized or dead as a result. This is a fine demonstration of a level of stupidity that you simply cannot overcome.

Comment Re:There is only one way... (Score 1) 195

The smartest thing anyone can do when presented with the threat of legal action is to immediately cease all contact with the threatening party and inform his own lawyer. I've seen situations similar to the one you described work out okay for the people being threatened, but I've also seen another case where things got nasty and the accused party would have been better off getting a lawyer immediately, even though he did nothing wrong.

Comment Re:My oh my (Score 1) 438

Your ignorance of history is showing. By the time of the Third Party System (generally recognized as having its origins in the 1850s), the Democratic and Republican parties had emerged as distinct entities, and these parties have dominated United States politics ever since. Especially given the incredibly self-reinforcing nature of the two party system, past performance is absolutely indicative of probable future conditions, barring the outright disbanding and reassembly of the entirety of the federal government apparatus by some means (massive violent civil upheaval, conquest of the United States by a foreign power, etc).

I do not like this state of affairs. In fact, I very much dislike it. However, to believe otherwise is merely to wish for outcomes that become less likely with the passage of time.

Comment Re:My oh my (Score 1) 438

The United States will never have a Green Party president. No party member has held public office above the state level. With the miniscule percentages of votes captured by Green Party candidates for federal offices, the party has practically no impact on a federal level, and minimal impact at best on a state level.

Comment Re: That's not news (Score 1) 393

But does it really seem like that much of a stretch to say that a single high pressure multiple choice test is a worse indicator of ability than a larger number of lower pressure tests?

A larger number of lower pressure tests, as you refer to them, occur throughout the school year as students progress through studies on various topics.

I believe you are supporting a fad that has outlived any semblance of credibility, and serves only as a distraction from legitimate issues faced by educators. Then again, I'm 32 years old, so perhaps I'm too old to "get it." I will note that standardized testing was a key aspect of my primary schooling, and I distinctly recall being able to roughly predict how fellow students would perform on such tests by simply applying what I knew about their actual level of knowledge on any given subject. Yes, I was a "strange kid" who spent far more time in school libraries and public libraries than in classrooms, but the bulk of my classroom time was spent tutoring other students.

You are advised to research alternate sources (and cite them in the future) for further data.

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