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Comment Re:You can name something University and ... (Score 1) 458

Better terminology for this theory would be "islands of causality". But scientists tend to be shit at naming things so instead they will overload a sadly overused term instead.

While it would certainly be a better technical description, many people might have difficulty understanding the expression "islands of causality." The term "universe" is more widely understood by the general populace, and hence the expression "multiple universes," or "multiverse" if you will, may be more easily understood by a broader audience.

Comment Re:Testability, testability, testability... (Score 1) 458

If there's an alternate universe that doesn't interact with ours in any manner, by definition, it is out of the realm of science.

The belief that such interaction does not occur does not rule out the possibility that such interaction may be possible given certain circumstances.

By the same token, speculating about the goings-on inside the event horizon of a black hole is not science as such theories cannot possibly be tested.

Direct interaction with a system is not the exclusive means available for testing a system. Mathematics is especially useful in such scientific pursuits. You appear to confusing science with engineering.

Comment Re:My head just exploded. (Score 1) 383

Quite true. Cygwin is great for what it is, but it's really no replacement for a *nix system if the objective is really to go all out with utilizing the full scope of tools available for many tasks. OS X gets much closer, but you'll still find yourself resorting to Homebrew or MacPorts at some point to get a reasonably complete environment.

Comment Re:My head just exploded. (Score 1) 383

Enjoy your pool. I'll enjoy knowing I have a history of getting guys like you, folks with no real skills but plenty of attitude, fired following conversations with other guys who wear suits. Your stereotypical attitude regarding technical folks is a strong indicator that you were simply a failure in such areas, and have attempted to "business it up" with a few rounds of bullshit bingo to keep your career afloat. Hint: it falls through when the wrong people smell the bullshit. Think about that for a moment, but do enjoy your pool while you have it.

Comment Re:My head just exploded. (Score 1) 383

Sorry junior but you already stated that you are only 32 years old, so even if your experiences weren't utterly worthless in this context, you still don't have much of it.

You just keep telling yourself that. There's a funny thing about experience: at this point, I've got about 15 years of actual professional experience in this field, along with the ability to actually build things, *gasp* work with teams, and generally help others avoid certain kinds of tragic errors of the sort that can wind up being business killers. Some people try to do this stuff for five years or thirty years and never truly grasp anything. Those people tend to wind up rather frustrated; on the off chance that you're not actually a snot nosed 15 year old on his dad's computer, does this sound familiar?

Also, what happened to going to bed in a couple of minutes? Right, you didn't actually mean what you wrote, you just said it in a futile attempt to dismiss responses because you're ill prepared to handle them.

Christ, you're a dense one. I've got a couple of kids to deal with these days, and as one might expect from once being a kid himself, they don't always sleep through the night. Add in a wife expecting kid #3, and sleep can get a bit irregular all around. I'm still assuming you're 15 and have no idea what any of this means, though.

Comment Re:My head just exploded. (Score 1) 383

Past experiences are far from irrelevant here. When you grow up, you'll understand that. As for the rest, are you shitting me? I work with PowerShell every day dealing with a production fleet of systems running a mix of Server 2008/2012, along with a slew of RHEL based stuff. Go back to bed, kid.

Comment Re:What the f**king f**k? (Score 4, Insightful) 383

Man, my original ID was in the 75K-ish range, and I'm seriously debating whether this was (1) a troll submission that got through, or (2) a tactical move to get folks like us to finally just say "fuck it" here and move along while Dice moves along to pursue the new, hip, trendy, GUI-loving, tablet-toting, no-fucking-idea-whatsoever-how-things-work-at-all crowd for ad views. I honestly don't know, but I can safely say this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen posted to this site.

Comment Re:My head just exploded. (Score 1) 383

You're probably just a troll, but what the hell, it's new year's even and I'm headed to bed in a couple of minutes anyhow. I'll waste a few calories pointing out that I've probably spent more of my life teaching people how to use everything from DOS, to every incarnation of Windows since 3.1, to most common Linux and BSD distributions (with emphasis on Debian, Mandrake back when that was a thing, and RHEL) than you've been alive. Have another drink, junior, and hope your dad doesn't notice the watered down vodka tomorrow night.

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