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Comment Re:Thank goodness (Score 1) 999

Why would that comparison be interesting or relevant? I already indicated understanding that Mexico is not a rich country. The fact that they have a violent crime problem is well established but irrelevant.

That comparison would prove exactly how bad your lie was about the comparative quality of medical care in Mexico versus the United States. However, the aggregate rankings provided by the WHO and other globally respected health-oriented organizations tells the story succinctly. With regard to violent crime, it's incredibly relevant, just as it's relevant in U.S. cities that have a long history of supplying a steady stream of grievously wounded people to emergency rooms every day. I'm from Atlanta; I know something about this. Reference Grady Memorial Hospital.

The fact that a country with all those problems manages to provide health care but the United States can't seem to find it's checkbook should be deeply shaming to our congresscritters. Perhaps more shameful, Americans taking 'dental holidays' to Mexico is becoming a thing.

The lie is still a lie. By your logic, healthcare consisting of Victorian-era bloodletting would be acceptable. In fiscal terms, our system is deeply flawed, as evidenced by the fact that we're at 33 instead of the top ten. That means we need to take greater care than ever to speak honestly about issues instead of drawing false comparisons.

Some people (especially insurance pariahs) have found that coronary bypass is cheaper in Singapore even when factoring in a stay at a resort hotel and regular commuting by air for followup doctor visits than getting the procedure done in the U.S.

As you so astutely mentioned, you can find anecdotes for anything. Those anecdotes don't reflect the broader picture of average medical care. I suspect you know this, and simply didn't care when you made your post. By the way, dental tourism is nothing new. People have been doing en masse since the 1970s, and it represents an area for improvement. That said, while dental problems can result in serious cardiac complications that can be life threatening, again, in the averages of rates of death due to cardiac concerns dental causation is a minimal factor.

But since you seem to have all those figures, you might as well post them.

I didn't say I had up to the minute figures in front of me. I said I'd do your homework for you if you weren't competent enough to do it yourself. So, make up your mind. Should I go ahead and do the comparative research on Mexico and the United States, or have you learned your lesson about telling lies and are willing to learn more on your own? Do you want to be spoonfed?

Comment Re:Thank goodness (Score 1) 999

I'll readily agree that our system needs serious work, and being number 33 isn't good. The point is that the GP made a ridiculous assertion that medical care in Mexico is superior to that found in the United States. He got called on the lie, which is important in discussions about serious matters where false statements do nothing to solve problems.

Comment Re:Thank goodness (Score 1) 999

You've completely missed the point. You made a patently and laughably false declaration that Mexico has superior medical care compared to the United States. When they're not busy refusing medical care to indigenous members of their society (which occurs with alarming frequency, it's a serious problem), they're busy cutting corners everywhere else. It's true that Mexico doesn't have as much money in terms of GDP as the United States, but that has nothing to do with the fact that you made a ridiculous statement and got called on it. You might be surprised to find that I'm keenly aware of the fact that being number 33 isn't a good thing, and that I'll readily recognize that our system needs serious work. Making false statements does nothing to solve those problems, and only serves to pollute the discourse. Think before you post next time.

Submission + - NSA Director Keith Alexander Is Reportedly Stepping Down (

Daniel_Stuckey writes: Keith Alexander will step down by April or May of next year. What's more, the agency’s deputy director Chris Inglis also plans to retire by the end of next year, anonymous US officials told Reuters today.

Though the news comes in the midst of a global public backlash over the NSA's widespread surveillance programs, it's worth pointing out that Alexander had revealed his plans to retire before Edward Snowden leaked details of PRISM in June. Officials didn’t give a reason for his departure.


Finland's Algorithm-Driven Public Bus 123

Daniel_Stuckey writes "Where's the Uber-like interactivity for getting a bus to come to you after a tap on your cell phone? In Finland, actually. The Kutsuplus is Helsinki's groundbreaking mass transit hybrid program that lets riders choose their own routes, pay for fares on their phones, and summon their own buses. It's a pretty interesting concept. With a ten-minute lead time, you summon a Kutsuplus bus to a stop using the official app, just as you'd call a livery cab on Uber. Each minibus in the fleet seats at least nine people, and there's room for baby carriages and bikes. You can call your own private Kutsuplus, but if you share the ride, you share the costs — it's about half the price of a cab fare, and a dollar or two more expensive than old school bus transit. You can then pick your own stop, also using the app."

Submission + - Phosphor Watches founder bilks customers out of $314k with Kickstarter project (

An anonymous reader writes: Phosphor Watches founder, Donald Brewer, received over $314,000 from over 2,200 Kickstarter pledges for a watch that was supposed to be delivered in Nov. of 2012. Well, its Oct. 2013 and the watches still haven't been delivered. In fact, there hasn't even been an update from Mr. Brewer since August.

If a Kickstarter project with the backing of a company like Phosphor Watches, Stefan Andren as Creative Director (Design Director for Nike+), a "working prototype" and software development from Softeq, cannot pull a project together, what are we to believe happened?

I have tried contacting Kickstarter and Donald Brewer to no avail. All Kickstarter feels obligated to do is send a message to Mr. Brewer "with a reminder of [their] Terms of Use", and a "reminder of [their] expectations regarding posting consistent updates".

It is apparent that Donald Brewer has abandoned the project and bilked 2,278 backers.

I want to bring failed Kickstarter project to the attention of the Slashdot community as a cautionary tale to potential Kickstarter supporters, and look for suggestions on how to the defrauded backers should proceed.

Interestingly, Phosphor Watches still has the item on their website (Items TT001 through TT008), and the watches are now for sale on (product ID: 1332039375).

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