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Comment Re:Money for his defense (Score 2) 294

He'll probably just let the process play out with his public defender, aiming for the lowest legal penalty possible, and promptly leave the country for a non-extraditing locale at the first opportunity. Then he'll able to recover his funds and go about his life, more or less as he wishes. There's virtually no chance of those funds being recovered by the authorities; I'd be very surprised to learn that the BTC in question are still in the wallet in question even now. Setting up contingency plans for transfers and further action, based anywhere on the planet, are simply too simple a concept to have been overlooked.

Comment Re:Money for his defense (Score 4, Informative) 294

I believe you lack adequate information on how Bitcoin works. If he or someone he trusts and gave instructions to beforehand has access to another copy of the wallet, it's just as good as the original, and the coins may be transferred elsewhere and converted to other currencies, etc via the normal exchanges. I'll be surprised if the prosecuting authorities manage to figure out how to track that; they certainly won't be able to stop it. If by some chance they manage to gain access to the encrypted keys that protect the wallet in their possession, it almost certainly won't be of any value (to them) by then.

Comment Re:Yet when it comes to a register (Score 2) 193

I don't get pissed off at public records being made available to the public. I get pissed off at unreasonable legal requirements that lead to things being entered into the public record in the first place, and I fully support every individual's right to make his/her own decision on whether their ownership and use of firearms should be a matter of public record or not.

People who follow the law in this case wind up unreasonably burdened and subject to information disclosure beyond their control. People who do not follow the law aren't burdened by it, and do as they like without the mere existence of the laws or threats of prison sentences doing anything to stop them from committing violent acts. Put simply: neither nanny state mentalities nor "tough on crime" policies actually work very well. See how this works?

Do you support privacy rights? I certainly do, and I support equality as well, meaning I don't pick and choose which citizens deserve privacy and which don't.

For the record, if you're planning on creating your own app to show who owns firearms, you can add me as your first entry. I gladly volunteer this information; kindly respect the privacy of others until you're told otherwise. Have a nice day, champ.

Comment Re:Aw (Score 2) 193

This is why I place high value on firearms, ammunition, and basic supplies. I'm not exactly a "prepper" but I'm certainly not a fool, either. Bad times can happen any time, and people who understand how to find food and water stand a better chance of dealing with circumstances than those who don't.

I have two daughters, a son on the way, and barring mass extinction of wildlife I'll be able to feed the family. The other unfortunate complications of a true economic collapse are factors I'd rather not consider in depth unless I have to.

Comment Re:Give us the option to vote against someone, the (Score 3, Insightful) 330

I'm waiting for the GP to respond with something along the lines of "blah blah you wasted your vote blah blah you acted as a spoiler" ... and when millions of people think that way, there's no chance of any third party candidate gaining any traction. The real problem here are apathy, excuses, and herd mentality. People don't vote on issues, hell they hardly understand what issues are at stake with any particular candidate. On the whole, people tend to vote for the political equivalent of their favorite sports team. So we get what we get, which is a horrible mess.

I have no idea how to to fix this, aside from watching things get so bad that people are rioting in the streets in every major city in the nation, and subsequently saying something like "well now, now that you all seem to care about what's happening since you can no longer ignore its direct effect on a massive number of peoples' lives, your own included, how about we figure this out."

Comment Re:"End war"? (Score 1) 143

Where are you getting all this nonsense? There are plenty of women walking around with generous posteriors that are also quite round, and a good cross section of those ladies are also pretty toned. Where are you getting the idea that such women can't be independently minded professionals who look damn good in a business suit? Man, you guys really do need to get out more. Maybe you're only looking at college girls or something.

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