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Comment Re: Let them be. (Score 1) 87

You must have missed the bit about "Three fowl plays and you're bunted out!"

That's a reference to the "three strikes and you're disconnected/banned at the ISP level" legislation that has popped up in various locales, lobbied for by the media industry folks. As far as I can tell, the source of your whooshing was a joke in a joke, and I must say I found it pretty amusing.

Comment Re:Does it make Minecraft run faster? (Score 4, Insightful) 302

Quoting the grandparent:

The one thing they need to do is make Java run multi-threaded ... Oracle should not ignore it's Minecraft userbase.

Three things seem plain. First, the poster appears to believe that applications may be rendered multithreaded by mere virtue of the programming language they are written in, without special consideration; in other words, an application that would otherwise be singlethreaded may be made instantly multithreaded without special work. Second, the poster did not know Java has threads. Third, the poster believes Oracle cares about Minecraft. All of these things appear to reflect an uninformed poster.

Comment Re:You can name something University and ... (Score 1) 458

Better terminology for this theory would be "islands of causality". But scientists tend to be shit at naming things so instead they will overload a sadly overused term instead.

While it would certainly be a better technical description, many people might have difficulty understanding the expression "islands of causality." The term "universe" is more widely understood by the general populace, and hence the expression "multiple universes," or "multiverse" if you will, may be more easily understood by a broader audience.

Comment Re:Testability, testability, testability... (Score 1) 458

If there's an alternate universe that doesn't interact with ours in any manner, by definition, it is out of the realm of science.

The belief that such interaction does not occur does not rule out the possibility that such interaction may be possible given certain circumstances.

By the same token, speculating about the goings-on inside the event horizon of a black hole is not science as such theories cannot possibly be tested.

Direct interaction with a system is not the exclusive means available for testing a system. Mathematics is especially useful in such scientific pursuits. You appear to confusing science with engineering.

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