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Comment Re:Been doing it for 2 decades now - love it (Score 1) 114

Let's examine the sentence you're insisting on continuing to pick at:

I'm an iOS developer (and used to do OS X) who has worked at home for over 2 decades now

Where did the poster say he's spent his entire working life on OS X? 10.0 was released on March 24, 2001, which was over 12 years ago. He's an iOS developer now, has worked on Mac OS X in the past, and didn't say that was the only thing he's developed on in his entire life.

If we assume the poster entered the professional IT workforce at 22 and spent his first 3 years or so working conventional office jobs, adding 20 years of working remotely would make him 45 now. I've known plenty of guys who have spent over a decade working remotely (I've done the same thing off and on), and I'm 32. I've known other guys who kept part time coffee shop jobs and worked from home for other folks doing consulting for 40 hours a week. In light of all this, Nothing about anything the poster said seems unreasonable to me.

You probably thought your sarcasm came across as some kind of demonstration of wit. In truth, you just looked like a bit of an idiot, and you're entirely too old to be excused for acting like that.

Comment Re:nowadays (Score 1) 259

The obfuscation you've described is about as effective as a simple letter substitution cipher, given the fact that mapping relationships between entities and aggregating transaction data to discern correlated value flows between any number of points over time is far from an insurmountable task for anyone with adequate interest, programming skills, and access to a couple dozen dedicated CPU cores. I know this because it's something I'm working on now. Tumblers don't do what people think they do, at least not without actors performing the equivalent of a "buried treasure" routine wherein they abstain from ongoing transactions for several years. There's a ridiculous amount of signal in the noise.

Comment Common name (Score 0)

I have a very common name so putting just my name into a search engine gets lots about lots about all the other people with my name. I'm in there somewhere in the results but have to put in additional constraints like where I live to even show up in the first few pages. It's kind of nice to be able to "hide in plain sight" and I can at least hope that folks like the credit agencies take some time and effort to sort me out from the multitude who share my name. No one is going to be able to do a poor man's background check on me unless they really know how to use a search engine.


Comment Re:The sad thing about conspiracy theories (Score 2) 251

After getting a long lecture from one of my conspiracy theory believing friends about how some particular conspiracy was real, I summed up her explanation as, "The complete lack of evidence of the conspiracy is proof that the conspiracy is real." She liked her explanation better.


Comment Fits the data (Score 2) 220

Possible correlation to people who drink a lot of coffee and people who work crazy hours/lots of stress/not much sleep/eat poorly/etc..

My excessive coffee drinking is a symptom of my shitty lifestyle.

There probably is a strong correlation between younger people who drink a lot of coffee and have an unhealthy lifestyle. Supposedly the researcher corrected for smoking but not for things like too little sleep, too much stress, etc. (Been there. Done that.) If that describes you and you survive into your 50s, chances are that your lifestyle gets healthier but you still have the coffee habit and then the health benefits of coffee consumption kick in. (There now. Doing that.)

I'm down to only about 5 mugs a day which is better than when I was an undergrad (mid 1970s) and drinking 10 to 15 mugs a day.


Comment Re:No notice, no reference (Score 4, Insightful) 892

...That's why I list my employers, but my references are colleagues I've worked with.

If I like the people I work with and want them to give me a good reference then I let them know what's happening before I go to amanagement. Usually it's your soon to be ex-cowrkers who will be the ones impacted by you leaving. Treat them with respect even if you don't respect the company. If management decides to walk you out the moment you give notice, there's nothing you can do about it but at least the people you worked with have had a chance to prepare for your departure.


Comment Re:Siiiiigh, the SMC provides an ESTIMATE (Score 1) 363

I find the most interesting figure to be the rate (in watts) reported by the OS. In Ubuntu, this can be seen with the Power Statistics app as an attribute of the battery. For instance, now with USB peripherals and an external monitor, it reports 9.2 watts. If I use the built in screen dimmed, unplug USB peripherals and turn off wireless, it goes to 4.5 watts. I can't do much about my battery, but I can (to some extent) do something about the OS using power.

Comment Re:Are they confused? (Score 1) 180

They also talk about the wobble changing the amount of solar radiation incident on higher latitudes which also implies that they were really talking about the inclination of the axis of rotation, not changes in the orbit. Never heard of orbit wobble but it's well known that the Earth "wobbles" somewhat in a way that changes the inclination of the axis of rotation.


Comment Re:Arch Linux (Score 1) 92

Seriously, the AC is talking of running servers on office environment for 6 years now - unless it's fiction he obviously must have a job as maintaining servers and/or as system administrator for them.

And you AC talk about "nub" (wtf is that anyway, must you turn l33t sp33k even dumber?). 6 years (and who knows how long experience of Linux out-of-field), and you AC talk about mistake in the beginning.

Really? :) *sparkle*

Comment Re:nowadays (Score 2, Interesting) 259

Currencies don't enable scams. People enable and perpetrate scams. By your definition, the United States dollar has an incredibly long history of being the currency of choice for massively greater widespread scams and atrocities. What we're seeing here is nothing more than the preparatory work required to execute a good old fashioned regulation, taxation, restriction, and asphyxiation power grab. Governments get pretty pissed off when private entities engage in commerce of any kind outside of government control.

Have you ever held a garage sale? Did you make sure to report every penny of your earnings to the IRS?

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