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Comment Re:Yes but is this different (Score 1) 446

Lots of sex, with lots of partners (as stated) increases your risk of getting an STD. Especially if you don't wear protection. People (in general) only wear protection a fraction of the time they have sex (don't know the numbers, but if you are an adult, can you tell me you/he wore a condom 100% of the times you got a blow job, or had sex, etc.)

Not in a trusting relationship, but other than that I've been very strict about using condom 100% time during random sex slash with friends with benefits. Especially with men/anal with women, but that's not important as it already was 100% anyway.

Comment Re:Med students (Score 1) 446

So, care to tell me how the healthy and fit patient is supposed to feel walking into a doctors office to find the nurse waddling up to their industrial-strength chair?

And then finding yourself growing impatient as you have to wait an extra 10 minutes for your obese doctor to come wheezing in from his smoke break to talk to you about lifestyle choices?

Funny thing about bias and obesity. It tends to swing both ways. Seems the arrogance of the med industry thinks this is a one-way door.

Of course it goes both ways, and the study makes no claim it doesn't, or does it now?

Btw, I've had a doctor a bit like you describe (not as over the top, but the drift is same), and he was one of my best doctors. He never judged people but did his best to help with whatever was their problem. If he thought the patients life choices may affect how he/she follows the treatment he might have verbally pushed the importance of it, but never did he mistreat at least me.

I wouldn't know, but maybe the fact he knew that he too was only a human might have had something to do with it.

Comment Re:why does your phone need software running on yo (Score 1) 519

Yeah, I doubt the iOS 5 can provide me the functionality I get with phone + computer. No, I don't doubt, I know - it won't rip my CD's or DVD's (whether for music or video too it won't do it) for one. I could list many others, but why? I made it really easy for you and you either get it or don't - besides as someone who's never gonna own an iPhone (*knocks on wood*, there's been two iPod's already, practically free second hand - but I used gtkpod, not iTunes to manage them).

Comment What the metri-nazis seem to forget (Score 2) 1145

What the metri-nazis seem to forget is that the English or Imperial system was in use for hundreds of years simply because it was convenient for the day-to-day measurements people needed to make. Most people never need to do unit conversions. They want their cup of coffee, their pound of sugar, their so many yards of cloth. They measure their waist and inseam in inches, They don't want 250ml of coffee, they want a cup of soffee. They don't want a half kilo of coffee beans; they want a pound of coffee.

You can bastardize the metric system by adding a "metric cup" (250ml) or a "metric pound" (half a kilo) but woe be to them that use a metric cup in a recipe that calls for a cup (English) of some ingredient. They aren't the same.

That being said, I need a pint of ale to get the metric taste out of my mouth.


Comment Re:Getting an education today is hard (Score 1) 289

By buried in the install discs do you mean like they are still left uninstalled by default? Because I can't be sure if I'm right but I remember wondering other way to get it on Win95 than copying from MS-DOS 5.0 on our old 286 :) I don't think I found it from the disc, although I did browse it sometimes and bumped in to surprise music video, but if it was installed then I truly have erroneous memories.

Comment Re:Just wanna say (Score 1) 273

I wish I could, but rather than post a good long explanation of deeper politics of USA versus other western countries with most have parties all along the left-right axis - which in itself may not be that good indicator, for example there's a party here in Finland which is economically on left but socially on right.

The best I can say is that the parties have very little difference on large things that truly matter. And even of these things the differences are only on areas they've chosen to be used as weapon against other, so usually moral/social issues (like gay marriage). USA democracy seems sad enough because it's trapped in nearly impossible to break two-party game - without a huge percent of people starting to vote for "3rd parties" anyway. But economically these parties are very close from my Nordic point of view, and while socially Democrats might be a bit more noticeably on left the truth is that in comparison to most mixed-system democracies the only two parties currently seriously (as seen by others) in the game are clearly on the right from the middle of the fictionary axis.

If someone can really explain/write about this better/deeper I'd be glad too. Even just to read it myself.

Comment Re:Launch Rescheduled from Before? (Score 1) 93

There was some testing done back in I think the '80s to drop launch a Minuteman from a C5A. This was back when there was the huge debate over what was then called the MX and how to base it so that the Soviets couldn't take it out with a first strike, One idea was to have nuclear armed missiles loaded on airplanes flying around so there was no possibility of a first strike. Kind of an extension of "Looking Glass" to include the weapons, too.


Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 252

I'm not "free as in speech zealot", unless you can be one and still be OK with people choosing proprietary license for their software (note, it will affect my choices though it's not a showstopper, but a "free... ...zealot" would not only choose another software but actively oppose the whole choice of selecting proprietary license). But I will draw the line on DRM crap. And nobody is crapping their DRM crap on my crappy crap. End of crap.

DRM is purely evil and anti-"legit customer".

However if there are any non-DRM "protected" titles on Steam for Linux I'd be glad to try the system.

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