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Comment Re:Carbon Fibre Durability (Score 1) 164

Does a ding in the door mean that the entire door's structural integrity has been compromised? I've always wondered how long a carbon fibre driveshaft would last, much less the frame/structure that would save someone in a crash.

Gee, if only there were people who actually know stuff like that. We could get them to design the cars instead of the liberal-arts-majors who design them at the moment...

Comment Re:Another butt-ugly electric car... yawn (Score 1) 164


My first car was an early Chevy Beretta with a bit less than 100 HP.

100 American HP isn't comparable to 100 European HP.

American engine designers are reknowned for making massive engines with very little HP but lots of torque.

Mainly because Americans want the power at low revs and it's hard to put HP there. Europeans don't mind revving the engine a bit more when needed so Euro engines tend to put the power higher at the top of the rev. range and get better HP figures (but less torque and better overall mileage because they can use smaller engines).

Bottom line: Saying "100HP" doesn't really mean much.

PS: The USA's style would be far better served by putting diesel engines in their SUVs...just sayin'.

Comment Re:What a POS (Score 1) 164

Butt ugly, $40,000+ and a mere 100 mile range. They will sell about 4 of these.

Hah! People have said that about every massively-overpriced, butt-ugly car that ever came out of Munich. It never stopped any of them from selling to people who have more money than car knowledge. People buy cars based on the badge stuck to it (just like clothes, shoes, and every other overpriced "luxury" item you can think of).

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