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Comment Re:Apple has bought a fab according to semiaccurat (Score 2) 101

You do realize that the UMC rumor came from the Mac sites who all wrote me asking for free access to essentially republish my work openly. Before I could even respond they flat out made up that I was saying it was UMC, which I did not do. They got this flash of inspiration from the metatags my editor put in. For some reason they picked out UMC and ignored the five other fabs in the tag list. Could it be that UMC was the last one? Did they miss that the tags get alphabetized by the system? Are they that ignorant? Don't answer the last one.

Short story is that the morons at the Mac sites flat out made up the UMC thing and attributed it to me. That is modern 'journalism' for you.


Comment Think about this one people (Score 4, Interesting) 101

Stop and think about this.

1) When was the last time Apple leaked plans like this?
2) The level of detail is too high for a 2015 part
3) Apple never gives the foundry product names
4) They also never specify time frames even to their foundry that far out.
5) Apple and Samsung are not on good terms.
6-17) See 5)
18) Apple is trying to get away from Samsung, cost is not an issue
19) Samsung is not any better than the other two common platform partners for tech.
20) Apple has signed with TSMC for 20nm
21) Losing Apple is a big deal for Samsung Semi, and enough of a big deal to be unpleasant for their stock
22) The source for the story is a Korean newspaper that is likely quite beholden to Samsung

You can draw your own conclusions from the above, mine is damage control on Samsung's part.


Comment I can't wait! (Score 0) 395

For a few months I am consulting in San Jose and driving from Berkeley. I can't wait for all of those folks to move to the cities and get off the roads! Typical commute is 1.5 hours to drive no more than 49 miles. Even getting on the road at 6 AM doesn't beat the traffic.

Comment Re:Phenotipyc variance (Score 1) 204

I am no authority on homosexuality. All I really know is that I meet a lot of gay folks here in Berkeley, and they are every bit as nice as anyone else.

Nor am I a genetics expert. But I know enough to hold a discussion.

You are right that there may be no genetic connection with homosexuality, because it doesn't seem to be inherited in general. But there are intriguing differences such as digit ratio, and we know that many developmental differences can have a genetic factor. Who knows what we will find?

I think the flaw with your argument is that you are assuming that homosexuals don't breed. Not true, and there may also be factors increasing the success of their offspring such as small, educated and relatively affluent families.

Next, do not assume that direct reproductive success is the only possible pro-survival factor. The contribution of homosexuals to the reproductive success of their close genetic relatives or even their community may be a pro-survival factor for genes like their own.

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