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Submission + - Zidisha ("Kickstarter" of the developing world) almost reaches $600K. (

An anonymous reader writes: Per their website, "Zidisha is the first peer-to-peer micro-lending service to offer direct interaction between lenders and borrowers across the international wealth divide. We eliminate the middleman, ensuring that entrepreneurs' profits stay right where they belong – in their communities." Per their statistic page, they claim a 97.71% return rate, their average interest rate is multiples below the global average for micro-financed loans (even after adding their 5% finance fee), and they are just about to surpass $600K loans raised. Apparently they have so many stories to share that the director published a book. For those skeptical about capitalism, perhaps this is an example of how we can hack it into something better.

Comment I sense a disturbance in the force... (Score 0) 67

I feel as if a million T-Mobile customers screamed out in agony and are snuffed once they have read this article...

So, even though the account holder can disable the censoring, would it be an accurate guess that quite a few slashdotters with T-Mobile here are now considering leaving to a different telecom?

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