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Comment Re:Legalize it all. (Score 2, Insightful) 364

You've prompted my first ever Slashdot comment.

The problem is that people using this stuff are killing innocents. Look at the Florida cannibal (repotedly on bath salts) and the guy a mile from my house in Farmington Hills, MI who killed his adoptive father and beat his adoptive mother & brother to within an inch of their lives on K2/Spice.

By the way, it hurts a lot of people a lot when a user ODs. A lot more than I thought it would.

Except you forgot things like this, which totally refute your small area claims of increased crime.

Just because 10 crimes out of 1,000 people happens does not mean you have an increase in problems. It just means you are falling into the media's fascination with only reporting bad things.

Decriminalize/Legalize all but the most harmful and that may be a step in the right direction. Or simply take the exact approach Portugal took.

However, this being /. and all, I do not fully expect you to actually read what I've linked for you.

Comment Re:When I make Taco breathe hard... (Score 1) 963

Basic high school chemistry is just that - basic.

You are comparing relatively small systems to something so vastly different in size, that you NEED to think in ways other than linear.

Of course it is belief. Everything is belief when it comes to science. You believe one thing, I believe another. So if that is faith, then you are practicing just as much, if not more than, I am. The data can only contradict me because a lot of it is ignored, discarded completely, or just covered up and never shared with sources outside of the climate science establishment.

Again, you believe what you will. I will believe what I will. As far as I am concerned, we aren't changing anything. Given that most major industrialized countries (excluding China and some others) have cut WAY back on what pollutants were being output even 20 years ago, that hasn't stopped warming a single bit.

Anyway, thanks for the debate. Thanks for keeping it civil, Red Flayer. I respect and appreciate that. Now I am going to go and enjoy my exceedingly cool (FAR cooler than normal) spring here in New England.

Comment Re:When I make Taco breathe hard... (Score -1, Troll) 963

Nothing of what I believe is based in religion, as I am Atheist. You can toss all of the data at me that you wish to toss. It won't change the fact that I believe the changes are natural and have happened previously and will happen again (as they are now). The planet warmed, cooled, warmed and then cooled again WELL before people even existed in the way they exist now; industrialized.

Unless, of course, you think ancient aliens came down and polluted our skies to further their anti-gravitational-gyrotomoton-imploding-geekazoid-magento-speherical-CO2 generators. We all know those tend to get like 40 rods to the hogshead and run on nothing but a mixture of coal and unicorn farts, so they must have contributed to the smog clouds over Los Angeles. Right?

As for geekoid:
It's because I am able to realize the fact that people aren't as big and bad as they think they are. People have done nothing but convince themselves of their greatness over the centuries, and now that feeling of greatness is leading them to believe that they can change the entire planet by spewing out a bit more CO2 than is normally put out naturally.

So other than believing what you are being told to believe, what causes people like you to accept these "facts" with discarded data? Religion? Stupidity? Ego? I am betting on a good combination of the last two in that line of suggestions. Your ego makes you think you can change an entire planet when you are but a small part of the whole, and stupidity allows you to continue believing that you are greater than that whole and, thus, can break the whole damn thing.

See? I can sound civil AND insult you at the same time... just as you did to me.

In any case, you can be sheep and follow your dear leaders. I will take my chances with this climate change having natural causes. My opinion, which I stated as not meaning much already, does not break the system or the study of it. Just as you believing in it doesn't make it any more true.

Comment Re:When I make Taco breathe hard... (Score 2) 963

The climate is changing.

I just have a hard time believing it is caused by people in the very short span of time being thrown at us in order for us to effect that change.

"Going Green" is just another way of saying "pay this tax" in my opinion. My opinion may not mean much, if anything, but I believe it to be true.

Comment The headline (Score 1) 595

It should read:
"Not Just Apple and Microsoft, but nearly every mega-corporation, and how they Sidestepped Billions In State Taxes"

This is clearly nothing more than people trying to downplay Apple and their glorious, late Mr. Jobs and how a cheap, penny-punching asshole couldn't do any wrong. Just the same as Microsoft fanbois will do the same for their favorite company. In reality, this is a huge problem with a lot of big companies such as those and it won't stop until either the loopholes are closed, or governments stop taxing the hell out of success.

Comment Re:Hey Apple Users... (Score 1) 319

Yes, but the post of mine he was replying to, I never said "always" or even "more often than not". None the less, there are plenty of us who are tired of that particular irrational vocal minority.

Not quite sure I ever stated that you said "always" or "more often..." anywhere. I was agreeing with him in that it's not something people say a lot. Not sure how you took it so wrong, but cheers!

Comment Re:Balloon Images? (Score 1) 20

I love you pretentious fuckwads who moderate comments because you have no life, no sense of humor, no anything outside of the scant traces of light that manage to seep through your parent's basement window.

Modded troll?
Modded flamebait?
Modded off-topic?

Get bent, dipshits. None of those even fits with what I typed out. It isn't trolling, it isn't flamebait and it sure isn't off-topic, since it talks about balloons AND google earth, both of which are in the article summary as well as the article.

So, yeah, go fuck yourselves... at least that will distract you long enough to stop ruining slashdot.

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