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Comment Slashdot (Score 0, Insightful) 171

Has become a haven for cowards who think that "I disagree" and "troll" are the same thing.

This site has gone so far down hill that it's now underground and slowly suffocating to death.

Let it die off already... especially if this is how it is allowed to run.

Comment Re:The Most Secure Mobile OS (Score 1) 291

Sure it refers to Windows 7 on the MOBILE platform. Which is why it's called Windows Mobile 7. In fact, if you search for "Windows Mobile 7" using your favorite search engine, it's typically Microsoft's site that comes up as the top link. Pardon me for not saying thing exactly the way you want them said.

As for the language... how was it not clean? What about the words "sanitary napkin" and "diarrhea" are offensive to you? Are you the pretentious type of asshat who goes to his doctor and says "when I go number 2, it's watery"? Or do you use the word "diarrhea" to describe it?

Honestly... get over yourself.

Also, why do I call it Windows Mobile? Because fuck you. That's why.

Comment Re:The Most Secure Mobile OS (Score 1) 291

Ah, so you must be mister anonymous mod.

Potty mouth? I only cursed after I was modded down to troll. Other than that, my language was clean and used every day words to describe my feelings. I did not swear in my original post, so there was no need to moderate it down to troll.

In the case you are NOT actually admitting to modding it down, apologies. But in any case, I was not cursing or swearing or being otherwise offensive toward anyone or anything with the exception of the Windows Mobile Facebook app.

Comment Re:The Most Secure Mobile OS (Score 1) 291

@rwven and @ landofcleve:
Not sure if I have the most recent version or not as I haven't used it in a few weeks now. I will update it and give it another go. Thanks for the heads up.

Learn what a discussion is. Sometimes people use exaggerations and sarcasm to make a point about something they dislike. Just because YOU like something and I do not, and I express that in my views, that does NOT make me a troll.

So go fuck your mother, anonymous moderator.

Comment Re:What about ladyboys/shemales? (Score 1) 270

I do know what I am talking about. I pointed that out already.

I love my transgender friends dearly, but they do NOT look like the sex they feel they look like. They either look like men in drag or women in drag. Most of them admit to it and say it's a constant voice in the back of their head, telling them they aren't female or male enough yet. So they keep having procedures and trying new this or that, only to continually be disappointed.

Yeah... I don't know who they are. Every year at the PRIDE parade, I am asked to "point out the tranny" by my gay friends. I am yet to be wrong.

Comment Re:What about ladyboys/shemales? (Score 1) 270

The only thing making ladyboys "way more cuter" than actual females is your fetish for them.

No amount of surgery makes them look like actual females without extensive makeup and photo angles taken to compliment a feature or to exaggerate one.

I say this as someone who is not against gays or transgender people. In fact, I have many LGBT friends and even some in the family... so it's not a bias, just stating what I see. I guess much the same way you are, but your fetish is clouding your eyesight.

Comment Re:One hand, 12 o'clock ... (Score 0) 756

You're not impressing anyone here with your made up stories of superhuman feats of strength.


My brother claims that an American friend of his managed to hold on to the steering wheel when the airbag deployed during regular highway driving, and that he stopped the car without incident due to this. This guy is a baseball hitter, he's built like a barrel and immensely strong. I've seen pictures of his continuous bruise which went from each hand, all the way up his arms and across his chest, but I'm still not sure I believe that it's even possible if you're caught unaware :)

Yeah, I'd be pretty suspicious of that story. Ever since Stan Lee came out with his super human show, everyone is surviving these catastrophic accidents. Accidents like putting your hand through a window, or surviving eating at McDonald's.

I just refuse to believe most of these stories.

Comment Re:One hand, 12 o'clock ... (Score 4, Funny) 756

I was driving like that when I got in to an accident. The air bag threw my hand up into the windshield hard enough for it to punch a hole in the windshield. Fortunately, there wasn't too much damage to my hand, but a decade later, the scar on the back of my hand is still evident. I no longer drive with a hand at the 12:00 position. It's 3:00 and 9:00 for me.

You're not impressing anyone here with your made up stories of superhuman feats of strength.


Comment Re:Is Congress mad at Slashdot/The Web? (Score 1) 93

I say we just keep letting the entertainment industry eat itself to death from within. That is all that will come of this in the end. It's just autocannibalism at its best.

When they can come up with reasonably priced ticket sales, DVD/BD and CD media sales and streaming, they will thrive. As it is, they are seemingly only trying to make more and more money by suing individuals, who can't pay it anyhow, to try and recoup their ridiculous legal costs. They are a cancer unto themselves.

So, let the beast eat itself and when it runs out of food, it will just die off. Maybe than we can finally start seeing new movies and television shows, which are not simply remakes and re-brands of the same old crap they've been putting out for 50 years.

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