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Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 1) 427

The human race has had constant war for several hundreds of years. There has always been someone on this ball of dirt fighting with someone else on the same ball of dirt. Usually its over that same dirt.

The US has been in nonstop conflicts somewhere in the world since WW2 at least, if not longer.

Lets get real, espionage has not stopped war, nothing will. Maybe it's mitigated some of the damage from them, but even that is a hard sell.

Espionage is just another type of war, one where the casualties aren't nearly as apparent, and the objective is information.

Comment Re:Nope. (Score 2) 245

"things like the 19k gun suicides" that your "common sense" measures WOULD DO NOTHING to stop.

It only takes ONE bullet in ANY gun to take a life. By eliminating a certain style of gun you aren't necessarily going to stop the deaths.

I'll go for the low hanging car analogy: Sports cars and motorcycles cause a disproportionately large number of deaths. Let's make the streets safer and ban sports cars and motorcycles! Sound ludicrous? While thats just like banning a certain type of firearm.

Cars and motorcycles with higher horsepower cause more deaths. Theres no reason that ANYONE should need a car with more than 4 cylinders! Let's put a capacity limit on engines! Number of cylinders, displacement, horsepower, take your pick! Sound ridiculous? This is just like setting limits on the number of rounds a magazine can hold.

Also note that neither one of these laws would probably end up saving a single life. Stupid people are going to do stupid things regardless of what sticks you give them to hit themselves with.

And if you want to put your expectations into law don't get pissed when others do the same. Drug laws, Marriage laws, Car laws, etc etc.

Please mod me and parent as off-topic, because that's what this is!

Comment Re:The Romans found out about lead (Score 1) 780

"With the introduction of softer, heavier alloys for non-toxic shot, there is no legitimate reason to be using lead shot" Except for the fact that these new "green" bullets are 400% more expensive than their lead counterparts. Gee, we can't disarm the population so lets make bullets REALLY FREAKING EXPENSIVE so that they can't use them anyways.

Comment Re:Rival, yes. Biggest, no. (Score 1) 223

"it's still funneling people into Google's web suite." And that my friends is all that Google should care about. It's their stated mission for Android, so it's a win-win situation. Google purchased Motorolla for PATENTS, not because they wanted to start making money selling phones. If Google is smart they will use the Moto phones to roll out new features that users want but manufacturers are leary of. It should work well for them to use that brand to set a baseline Android experience, much as they've done with the nexus series. Hell, if they haven't complained about amazon building their own app store (and conveniently leaving Play out) I really don't think that they care much about what direction Android takes, as long as it continues to use Google search and display Google Ads.

Comment Re:You are wrong (Score 2) 662

REMEMBER ALWAYS: It is the job of the police to CONVICT people. In general, they don't really care if you're guilty or not. They get atta' boys for putting people behind bars, nothing else. Give them an excuse and they will put you in prison, and get a commendation for doing so. They are not on the hook if they make a mistake or fudge the numbers, so don't expect them to act responsibly. They will pretend to be your friend, they will play the hero, they will mindfuck you, all to get you say something wrong. The only person that you should ever talk to is your lawyer. It is his job to keep you OUT of jail so that you can pay his bills. Let your lawyer answer all of the questions, I don't care if you weren't even born when it happened, let your lawyer do the talking. A few thousand bucks in lawyers fees is well worth the heartache averted. There's no such thing as a simple question, especially coming from a cop.

Comment Re:Is Netflix (Score 1) 303

We have COX business and have been very impressed. While the speeds that they offer are lower, i am much more likely to get the speed promised because my traffic is prioritized at the switch. I have never waited more than 24hrs for a tech to show up and fix the problem, and they've always been very nice on the phone with short wait times. I have also had no hassle whatsoever using netflix or torrenting, and have no evidence of any kind of traffic shaping. All that combined with a static IP to run my personal website on, it's well worth the extra that i pay.

Comment Re:NRA sedition^H^H^H patriotism (Score 2) 573

A guy with a rifle is not a threat to any modern Army. .

I agree that 1 guy with a gun isn't going to win a war. Hell, even a hundred. 1 guy can however cause a lot of chaos and confusion, and even shut down entire states for days.

Remember that it was just a few guys with rifles that had law enforcement and the general public shitting their pants every time that a loud noise was heard. Dorner had one of the largest police forces on the planet walking on egg shells. The DC sniper had most of new england scared shitless.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 4, Informative) 717

um, you could already make a pretty scary shotgun out of a piece of iron pipe, a cap and a nail. google "zip guns" sometime.

really it's a non issue, most of these homemade guns are pretty useless, including this 3d printed one. With a lifetime measured in tens of rounds, it really isn't all that special.

and as always, you still get the same time in the federal pokey if you get caught doing something naughty with it.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 5, Informative) 567

Who do you think the stealth bomber runs are done to impress? CHINA!!! Sure, Kim Jong Un might know about them and use them as propaganda, and it might scare him a little that he can't see the things on radar, but my guess is that we're really trying to impress China. I'm sure that the island is right at the edge of their early warning radar coverage, and if we slip in and drop the payload without raising an alarm (with a bomber that we designed in the 70's no less...) China will sit up and take notice. The Chinese are the only ones in a position to twist Kim's arm hard enough to make him stop acting like a four-year-old, the Chinese are the ones that we are trying to scare.

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